Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Madame How I've Missed You

One of the two WIPs I carried over into 2011 is "Merry Christmas" by Madame-la-Fee.  Ooh la la!  I am stitching this on 28 count Ice Blue linen and so far the colors look great.  This has (way) more confetti stitching than I am used to, but I am loving it anyway and will persevere.  The trees were finished last year, everything else was done in the past few days.  That ornament was a killer and there is another one just like it yet to come.  Please forgive the wrinkles.  My ironing allergy is acting up.
Cathy asked about the ornament kit exchange I am organizing.  This is how it works.  Everyone purchases the current issue of the JCS Ornament magazine and chooses an ornament to stitch.  Everyone should choose something different - no duplicates.  You stitch your own ornament and create kits of your ornament for everyone else in the group.  We are going to have "Christmas in July" to show off our finished ornaments and exchange ornament kits.  You keep your own ornament and go home with a pile of kits to stitch up.  We had eight stitchers interested in participating so we are going to divide into 2 groups.  Creating seven ornament kits would be too time consuming, not to mention expensive.  I hope that explanation wasn't too confusing!

Here is an update on "Sugarplums."  Progress is slow, but steady.
Back to the Crazy January Challenge.  I pulled out Lady Champagne.  If I can get the house finished the rest will be cake.  I would like to get some of the larger CJC projects finished early in the year.  I think it will be less daunting to have mainly smaller projects as the end of the year approaches.  Don't you love that confidence, as if I really could get them all stitched this year? 


staci said...

Cute wip! I have a pattern by the Madame, I think it's a halloween one.

Have fun with your ornament swap!

Linen Stitcher said...

Why, of course you'll get them all stitched this year! How could you not at the rate you're going!

I think your ornament exchange sounds fabulous. What a great activity for a stitching group! Hope we get to see pictures of the finished ornaments when your group does its exchange.

Katrina said...

Cute WIP!!!

Love the ornament exchange idea. My friend I and I do an exchange where we each pick our ornaments, this year we are doing 6, and stitch them twice. We then finish and exchange the extra sets.

Lelia said...

I think you will finish everything on your list : )

Cathy B said...

Thanks for sharing how your ornament exchange will work. What fun!

Karoline said...

Cute wip's, they are both lovely

Sharon said...

Really liking the Christmas piece!