Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crazy - Day 5

Crazy January Challenge Day 5 - With My Needle "Bunnies in the Garden" stitched on 32 count Summer Khaki with Olde Willow Stitchery floss.  I am going to follow the general instructions for placement of the pieces on the linen, but I'm going to squish them together a bit and try not to waste so much fabric.  I will probably also do something a little different with the needlepage to make it more useful for me.  I have a long way to go before that needs to be decided.  There isn't anything about this project that I don't love.  With each new project I keep asking myself, why didn't I start this sooner?

Here are a few flowers.

And here is the whole piece of fabric.  It is huge!

I am starting to develop storage issues.  Fabric on q-snaps takes up more space.   Some projects need to be stored flat so I don't undo an evening of ironing.  I am solving that dilemma by hanging a few starts in the closet.  Sticky-notes have been added to the project bags to remind me where they are hiding.  I would like to believe that I could remember without the sticky-notes but I know better.  I recently lost a tote bag for several weeks and found it hanging on a hanger in the coat closet.  That closet was searched no less than 5 times and we never saw the bag.  It did not occur to either of us that it might be hanging in front of our eyes.  Who hangs a tote bag on a hanger?  That would be me, apparently.

I have some time this afternoon so I may start "Sweet Pea Sampler" by The Needle's Notion.  It is the largest in my lot of 15 new projects and I think today is the day. 


KarenV said...

Very pretty start, the colours are lovely :)

Katrina said...

Cute project!!! And all my tote bags are on hangers ;-).

Ellen said...

I hope you're enjoying Bunnies in the Garden and when you're finished that you'll send me a photo for my blog.

Cindy said...

I hang my tote bags on hangers, too :)

You're off to a nice start on Bunnies. I have that one on my WIP challenge list for this year.

mainely stitching said...

Lovely start - what beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

Just love Bunnies in my Garden - I have this in my finishing pile, I really should pull my finger out and do something about that!

Cathy B said...

Chelle -- OMG you are back! It is so good to have you blogging again! Yours was one of the first stitching blogs that I found when I first started blogging.

I see you have joined the nut house with the rest of us. I too did the Crazy January Challenge. I chuckled as I read about your list changes. I continued to change mine right through the end of the challenge!

Good luck with the challenge and can't wait to reading more about your progress!