Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Crazy - Day 4

Crazy January Challenge Day 4 - Prairie Moon "Smoke Flower" stitched on 32 count Mockingbird linen with the floss as charted, at least so far.  This is not the fabric used by the designer so I'm not certain yet that all of the colors will really work.  Once upon a time (2005) I thought the floss toss looked good.  Time will tell.   I got an earlier start last night, so I was able to finish the chimney and part of the roof.   Another poor quality picture.  This is becoming a (bad) trend.

One of the things I was forced to do yesterday was iron.  I started "Smoke Flower" because it was the very last project in the pile that wasn't a creased, wrinkled mess.  I bet you thought I had some grand plan, some cosmically centered reason for starting the first three projects, didn't you?  Something other than "I only iron for stitching emergencies."  Uh huh.  Right.

Anne and I seem to be on the save wavelength with this challenge.  She's also been ironing like crazy and is running out of q-snaps  Her comment (regarding Day 3) was so insightful, right on the mark!
"I think that's the hardest bit of the challenge for me - some pieces I don't want to stop stitching, and it kills me to put them down again and start something new the next day ... but then the next day I start feeling the same about the next project (usually anyway) ;) And isn't it crazy how the smallest things stop us from stitching a project - and how quick the task goes when we pull our fingers out and actually do that task ... I often kick myself afterwards wondering why I hadn't tackled it sooner!"
Carol was wondering about the Diane bag and the number of projects housed therein.  I must admit, I have shuffled so many projects in the past few days, I can't say for certain how many projects are in there.  I promise to count sometime soon.  I do know one thing - Diane now has an echo.  It is a little spooky.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who is reading my blog and/or leaving comments!  It is fun to be back.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I'm sooooo with you on the ironing - my mother will tell you, I always joke to her when she visits that I've left a big pile of ironing for her to do (she loves it - but then again, she's obviously just a teensy bit crazy, as I'm often keen to remind her!). I got a compliment from someone staying here once saying that my iron is the best one he's ever used ... it gave me a giggle 'cos it's probably one of the least used appliances in the home - the only time it often sees light is with my stitching (and even that often puts me off starting a piece for days at a time!). But oh what a happy little camper I am today with a pile of ironed linen ... yet again, it's not so bad once you start doing it, it's the thinking about it that leads to problems :P

Anonymous said...

Diane echoing? Can it be? That must mean it's time to go shopping for new stash! ;-)

(But don't go and count. It might slow you down on your stitching progress, and I'd rather see your updates.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute. That "Anonymous" comment was from me, Linen Stitcher (a.k.a. Carol). And it's still not working now, but at least you'll know that I tried!