Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blogging Muse

I don't know where my blogging muse has run off to, but I wish it would come back! I've been spending lots of time stitching and not much time on the computer. Bless This House is nearly finished. I have been working on my exchange projects. They are not as close to completion as I would like, but I am not behind and that is what counts at this point. I have Part 13 of Terre de France printed and ready to go but I haven't started stitching yet. I would like to finish at least one of my exchange projects before I dig into Part 13.

I'm getting excited about the annual cross stitch show sponsored by my LNS, Mom & Me. The show is next month and this year they are expanding to include classes with Ruth Sparrow (Twisted Threads), Lori Markovic (La-D-Da) and Charlotte Dudney (punchneedle). How kewl is that? I need to send my registration form in for my show entries. I think I will enter 4 or 5 pieces this year. It is so much fun to see my projects displayed in the show!

Speaking of Mom & Me, this week I finally spent the gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket. I bought a piece of interesting fabric for the Prairie Moon design Smoke Flower. I stitched Chimney Flower last year - here is a picture:

Smoke Flower is a very similar design on a much darker fabric with a somewhat different color palette. Here is a link to a picture at Stitching Bits and Bobs - the best picture I could find on short notice. Smoke Flower calls for 18th Century Rook R&R fabric. I did a floss toss at Mom & Me. Ick. It didn't do a thing for me. Karen started pulling out all sorts of colors of fabric and I finally settled on R&R Mockingbird. I think it is going to be awesome! I enjoyed stitching Chimney Flower. It is not the sort of design that usually catches my eye - very angular, not my usual colors, etc. However I'm a sucker for nearly anything with a house, and if it is a whimsical house (with flowers coming out of the chimney!) then it is a must have.

My apologies to those who have emailed me in the last week (or more?) and not received a reply! I am going to dig into my email inbox today. Sorry!!


Lelia said...

Prairie Moon patterns are great. House of Stitches has many models in their store. I get a kick out of their weather vanes, etc. If you get the 2005 ornament magazine, Prairie Moon has a house w/angels, etc. It is really neat. I nearly bought the blackbird pattern you showed on one of your posts -- the house with pink tulips. I must have set it down in the store, b/c when I got home .... It wasn't in the bag! Honestly.

Cathy said...

Prairie Moon has a really neat ornament design in the JCS Ornament issue.

I'm a sucker for houses too, I tend to fall for the primitive looking ones!

I just ordered Miss Mary Mack by La-D-Da from my LNS. Are you familiar with that one? It's really cool - all done in black!

Bea said...

I'm happy ypu can take part in your LNS show. It sounds funny!!! We don't have this kind of show in Florence, I hope you'll share some pictures.