Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Comments on Comments

I've been going through my email, and that includes comments from my blog. I was able to reply to some of you directly by hitting the "reply" button. Here are the rest:

In response to my October 7th Stitch a Little, Rip a Little entry, someone with the initials GB left an anonymous comment. If this is you, please email me! I'd love to meet you at Shamrock the next time you are in town. My email address is in my profile. Kewl?

Michelle was just one of several folks wanting to see a picture of the framed Terre de France. Would you believe that until just a few minutes ago it was still wrapped up from the show in October? All of my newly framed pieces are wrapped up and piled on the floor in the guest room. Thanks for the nudge! It is raining here today, so the pictures are not good. I finally focused on just the frame. It is really difficult to photograph a black frame on a rainy day!

Jeanne did a FANTASTIC job framing all of my treasures and TdF is a fine example. Thanks again, Jeanne!

Katrina was one of many requesting pictures of the exclusive Lizzie Kate design I received at camp in October. Unfortunately this remains a wish I can not fill. The design is not filed with my other charts, so the only place it could be hiding is on my sewing table. When last we spoke, my sewing table needed clearing off. It is currently about 1 foot deep from corner to corner, edge to edge. This is rather discouraging, because on several occasions over the last few months I've actually been able to catch glimpses of the table top. Certainly not the whole top at once. That is just crazy talk! It does persist in piling up. I'm sure the table is to blame, not moi! When I locate the chart I'll be sure to post a picture. Promise!

Speaking of camp, CJ asked about the host. Camp Gotta Stitch is an annual event put on by Stitcher's Express in Mattoon, IL. I highly recommend it! Bobby and Ramona spoiled us to death and it was a very friendly bunch of stitchers.

Fafa asked it I will be stitching Annick Abrial's new free design. The answer is YES but I won't get started on it any time soon. Right now I'm working on the Quaker à 6 Mains design, a free chart from Gigi, Carinne and Jackye. I'm stitching it over one with a color scheme that is way out of my comfort zone. I'll have pictures and more info about this in a future blog entry. Anyway, thanks for asking Fafa! I enjoyed visiting your blog. You are making good progress with Annick's new free chart! The colors are so pretty.

Thanks to everyone for welcoming me back to Toadlilyville and for the anniversary wishes! I'll leave you with a picture of my latest treasure, a gift from Kristin and Joy. I'm not normally a fan of TY or anything beanie, but this little guy is the CUTEST. He's completely stolen my heart!

Doesn't he look comfy in my child-sized rocker? I love him to pieces! Thanks again, Kristin and Joy! You two are the best!


catandturtle said...

Wow, that is one of the most impressive stitched pieces I have ever seen. Awesome frame choice too! Ann.

Lelia said...

Hey GF!

Happy [belated] Anniversary. Luv your frog :D

I'll be catching up on the blogs after the children are back in class. It is nice to have them hanging around.

Vonna said...

Whoa, that is the most beautifully stitched piece I've ever seen!
The froggy is adorable!

Patti said...

Wow!!! Love the frog (not that I'm inviting him back you understand) and your stitching is amazing!! Well done. WOW!!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I have a question -- what are you working the new freebie design on? I've been trying to figure out the size of fabric I need. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Your TdF is gorgeous and looks beautiful in the frame. What a wonderful piece - I enjoyed watching your stitching progress on that one!