Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Acorn Alert!

Attention all acorn lovers, I have another winner for you. Meri is still offering complimentary scissor charts on her blog. On Monday she posted a fantastic set of acorn scissors. I'm drooling! If you haven't been to her blog regularly then you need to check out the charts you've missed. Her 12 Days of Christmas series is amazing. Thanks Meri! You are so talented.

Thanks for all the nice comments about my finishes! My WIP basket is certainly feeling lighter, but the Move It Out Monday bag is still bursting at the seams. (Myrna, MIOM is Move It Out Monday. You can read about it here if you like.) Thank goodness I have permission from Annemiek to start at least two projects on Monday! (wink, wink!) By the way, congrats Annemiek regarding a new home for your shop. That is so exciting! I'm thrilled for you!

Hey Michelle, very smart to email Homespun Elegance about where the star charm is supposed to go. Thanks for confirming placement for me. I still need to put backing fabric on the July blanket. I've been diligently working on clearing off my sewing table so I can set my sewing machine back up. I'm going to try cotton fabric on the blanket instead of wool or felt. Wish me luck, it will probably be a disaster! I'm anxious to start the August blanket, too. Maybe on Monday. Along with several other projects.

One more thing, here is the latest WIP picture of Lady Violet. Sorry about the big ugly flash.

The stitching looks black in the photo, but it is really a very pretty purple. Let's not call it Mulberry, I might get confused.

Today my twin brothers are having a birthday. I was almost 14 months old when they were born so they've always been a part of my memory. Happy birthday you two! Are we getting old, or what?


Cindy said...

Can not wait to see Lady Violet finished! It is a lovely piece!!

Barbara said...

Meri's site is fabulous, isn't it?

Lelia said...

I printed off the acorn/scissor pattern yesterday afternoon ... did you see the scissor holder with the fall leaves / scissor pattern? What creative energy. What talent.

Good start to Lady Violet, too

Terri said...

I remember when you were talking about starting all those designs! How many of them have you started?

Michelle said...

Glad I was able to help with the placement. I used felt on the back of mine, but can't wait to see how yours turn out. Love Lady Violet! I have Lady Grey and Lady Champagne (I think?) on my wishlist...this one is going on there too!

Annemarie said...

Lovely Lady Violet! And thanks for pointing out the scissors freebies. How great are those?

Stitch or no stitch said...

Wow Meri creates lovely designs. Thanks for the link.