Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mark All Read

I devoted the afternoon and some of the evening to catching up on blogs. I neglected my blog reading while I was visiting my Mom and I never caught up. I'm thrilled to say I just logged out of Bloglines, having clicked on the "Mark All Read" button...completely unnecessary, as they were in fact all read. But I clicked it anyway, just because.

On Friday I went to a few fabric stores in MO and came home with treasures. I bought an Olfa cutting set with 2 rotary cutters and a mat, 2 bottles of craft paint, a stack of fabric in various colors and pins for pinkeeps. I didn't spend much money, thanks to coupons and clearance prices. Today I laundered, trimmed and ironed the fabric, inbetween blogs. Who could ask for more fun than that?

I haven't stitched much this weekend. I've been working on the Spring Soapbox and for some reason it is slow going. The fabric is very difficult to stitch on and I am taking my time. Somehow I got started railroading my stitches on this project too (something I'm too lazy to do all the time) and that is making things go a bit slower. I'm within a row or two of being half done with this project.

I was supposed to go to Mom & Me today but alas my stitching buddy Ginger was unable to go as we had planned. I am going to go alone tomorrow, simply because I can not wait until next weekend to get my greedy hands on the JCS Ornament magazine! Ginger offered to let me look at her copy last night, but I just couldn't do it. I need my own copy, a tall cup of joe and plenty of quiet time in order to really enjoy it.

Tomorrow is Move It Out Monday and I have a stack of projects ready to go. I'll either start several tomorrow or spread it out over several days. I'm ready for a few new starts!

I've seriously neglected Mark today and completely missed football. If I hurry I can catch the highlights on the late local news.


Barbara said...

Good luck with MIOM! Can't wait to see what you decided to move along!

Ali B said...

Hiya, thanks so much for visiting my blog, it was lovely to welcome you to my "stitching home". I have enjoyed browsing your blog and all the lovely news and treasure it contains. All the best with MIOM! Have fun

Ali xx

Lelia said...

Get your hands on the magazine & we will talk. Maybe this year you might even STITCH up a couple LOL.

Sounds like you are going to be busy with your new gadgets, paints & fabrics. What fun.

I didn't get any stitching done ... but, enjoyed every second of my week-end.

Today, I hope to get some light housework out of the way & work on my DT gameboard sampler [you know, the one you have in your stash!].

While your MIOM is for new projects -- my MIOM is for WIPs! I'd really like to slim down that list.

I finished reading Jan Karon's last book in her series & think I'm ready for stitching today.

Anna van Schurman said...

So with these MIOM projects, are you having as many finishes as starts? I'm curious about how it's all working.

AnneS said...

Sounds like your shopping spree was fun - craft shopping is definitely the best in my eyes ;) And congrats on getting through your blog reading so quickly, phew! :D

Cindy said...

Getting caught up on the blog reading can be a challange at times!!! lol I know, I usually only have one day a week to sit here and go through all the blogs I visit!

Sounds like you had a great time shopping, that is always fun!!

Annemarie said...

Sounds like you had a fun day acquiring stash! Reading blogs is fun, too. I'm going through my list now!

KarenV said...

Hi Chelle, I'm joining you with MIOM - I posted about it on my blog on Monday evening (this week). I'm only starting small projects though ;)

Katrina said...

MIOM sounds like a great idea to me, might have to keep it in mind for 2007 :)