Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back from Vacation

I'm back from my holiday. It was a fun and relaxing time. Now I need to get back in the swing of things!

First I want to post an update. When I published the last batch of pictures from the Lebanon cross stitch show I neglected to credit the designer for the last project. Bonnie stitched a beautiful tribute to her Mom using part of the "Tokens of Friendship and Love" sampler from With My Needle. It is a great design, and OOPS I forgot to say who the designer was!

Earlier this month I finished Part 22 of Terre de France. I'm hoping to enter it in the Lebanon cross stitch show this year, but the timing is going to be tricky. The last section won't be released until September due to the designer's holiday plans. That means I'll have to stitch the last part and get it framed before the show deadline in early October. Very do-able, but perhaps a bit more tricky than finishing the stitching in August. Good thing Jeanne does my framing for me!

I had lots of stitching time during my holiday. I nearly finished "Because Nice Matters". It is done except for the satin stitch border. For some reason I could see well enough to cross stitch but not to satin stitch. Very strange. Oh well, the satin stitching will go quickly now that I'm home with my usual light and magnification.

I started Sue's design "Be Ever Thankful". (Abbey Lane's website is down, or I would include a link.) Would you believe, it is nearly finished? What a great design! I love the Quaker look and the colors are fantastic. The colors looked bright in the skein but they are perfect on the fabric. The photo on the chartpack doesn't do this project any justice at all. I am stitching it with the recommended silks. I found 2 friends who also wanted to stitch it with the silks and we divided the skeins into thirds. It really reduced the cost of the project. Stitching over two with one strand of silk on 32 ct linen is delicious.

I'll be starting another project tonight, "An Emblem of Friendship" by Blackbird Designs. Actually the design is in the booklet "Tokens of Friendship". Cathleen is unexpectedly moving far, far away next month so I'm going to get it stitched in the next few days and all of the Violet Threads members will stitch their initials on it. We think it will be a nice keepsake for her. She has been our fearless leader for at least a year and we are going to really miss her.

I'd love to post WIP pictures but we're about to have a thunderstorm so it isn't the best time to be outside taking photographs. One neat picture I do have is Joy's Snapperville. She took Kristin with her to their LNS and had a blast picking out buttons. We didn't choose exactly the same buttons, so Joy's looks a bit different than mine.

I thought I was going to get to gloat about finishing first, but Joy got her buttons sewn on first so technically she wins. Not that it was a contest or anything, wink!wink!

A big Thank You to everyone reading my blog and thanks for the nice comments. My blogging has been rather sporadic lately, so I appreciate your patience. Joy asked me to thank all of you for your kind comments about her Cobblestone project. She really appreciated your feedback. Thanks from both of us! I guess that wraps things up for today. The thunder is really booming - time to get off the computer!


Anna van Schurman said...

Your description of "Be Ever Thankful" is so delicious we need to see a picture of your finished stitching!

Barbara said...

Great posting, and I look forward to seeing some more pictures! :)

Joanie said...

Love your post and all the photos. Snapperville looks so cute! I think that Emblem of Friendship will be a lovely keepsake for your friend! It's nice to see you back blogging.

Cathy said...

Welcome back Chelle! You have been busy stitching - looking forward to reading your updates (and pictures when available.) Have a nice weekend!

Jenna said...

Don't forget, you owe us some pictures of all of this stitching you've been doing! ;) The project that you are working on for Cathleen sounds really nice, especially with everyone's initials on it. What a great remembrance for her to take with her!