Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anniversary Musings

I sat down to blog this morning and noticed that Cadbury's Playpen was the 100th article posted to my blog. That got me to thinking about when I started blogging so I went back and looked at my original post. It is dated March 21, 2005. My blog had an anniversary last month and I didn't even realize it. Where did the year go?

In looking back over the list of posts I noticed 3 entries that were saved as drafts but never published. Two of the drafts were sets of photos from different categories at the Lebanon Cross Stitch Show in October. I will publish them eventually! I also noticed that I am months behind with Renee's SBQ. I am disappointed with myself for falling behind, because I really enjoy the SBQ!

A year of blogging has zoomed past and I'm almost a full month into my second year. I want to thank everyone for sticking with me during the s*l*o*w times! I appreciate your comments more than you know. I would like to send an extra big thank-you to my blogging friend Lelia - you have been a true friend and a real inspiration!

My goal for today is to get some of my stitching stash unpacked. I think I'll take a few pictures as I go so you can see what I'm up against!

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Lelia said...

Happy 100th : ) Kewl GF. Get those cartons emptied. Should be fun for you to get reacquainted with your stitchie stash. Show all & those of us with inquiring minds need to know what you are picking up FIRST ...

Awwww shucks .... you are welcome. There are so many bloggers out there with such eye-popping projects & inspiring words. Thanks for your kind thoughts about me, blush, LOL.

I'm trying to put more stitching into DT's The Sanctuary.