Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unpacking Stash

Best laid plans and all of that, I didn't get started unpacking my stash until today. Between my father-in-law coming to paint (hurrah!!) , two visits from the gas company due to a leaking gas meter (yikes!) and several shopping trips, it is completely amazing that I managed to unpack anything today at all. It went much faster than I expected. Even Mark was amazed.

Here is what I started with.

The contents of these boxes needed to go onto these two bookshelves.

I know what you are thinking - the bookshelves appear to be nearly full already! That is an illusion. All of the ring binders you see on the bookshelves were empty. Eight of the ten boxes were filled with leaflets and charts in sheet this.

I just needed to get all of those sheet protectors into binders! I'm thrilled to say that I'm down to 1 box of magazines and 1 box of leaflets to unpack. Everything else is on the shelves, including the 2 boxes of stitching reference books. Hurrah!

What made this job a bit easier?
  • I took pictures of how the binders were arranged on the shelves BEFORE I packed everything in boxes. That way I knew how to arrange the binders on the shelves so that things would go back almost exactly how they were before.
  • All of my leaflets are alphabetized by publisher. They were packed in order so it was easy to unpack them in order.
  • I did not inspect and sigh over every single leaflet as I placed it back into the binder. I'd say only 10% got that kind of personal attention! I did add a few to my "Projects to Stitch" list!

Last night just before midnight I finished Part 19 of Terre de France. I'm only a month late! Tonight I printed Part 20 so I can start on it (and maybe finish it??) before the end of April. I still need to stitch the next Snapperville design and then I'll be almost caught up for April. Never mind that I have an exchange coming up and I still can't settle on what to stitch!

Anybody still working on Miss Mary Mack? I'm thinking about declaring May as Miss Mary Mack Month. Want to join me? She has been calling to me from the bottom of my stitching basket. Perhaps we could stitch Miss Mary one day each week during the month of May...even if it is just for a new minutes. For instance every Tuesday (or Saturday...or whenever!) during May we put a few stitches in. Anybody else think they could finish in May? I'd like to try!

Tomorrow I hope to share a finish or two.


élisabethB said...

Hello Chelle, I moved 2 years ago in July 19th 2006 and I have always many parcels ......:-(
I love too Miss Mary, I would like stitch it and you now what ? : I have the same hairs !!!I will buy the chart and try to stitch it in the same time of you.
Courage for your new home ;-)

Anna van Schurman said...

I'll take May as the opportunity to finish MMM. I'm going to order a tin pin right now!

Lelia said...

Sounds like the 'joys' of home owners everywhere. Did I tell you about Alex breaking an outlet in his room (last week) & the fuse box/ breaker box (whatever it is called) shut off the power to his & our room???? I was terrified I'd have to call an electrician & re-wire the whole joint. DH was so calm. He got out the flashlight - figured Alex broke the outlet. He went to the hardware store, fixed the outlet, and the power went right back on. I was so freaked out, I couldn't sleep until about 3am.

Good going on the binder filling. I am gobsmacked by the number of stitching patterns : ) You have your own store in the binders -- WOW! I did a similar thing with binders & plastic sleeves. It is much easier to locate stuff now.

And after all that, you finished part 19 of Terre de France ... kewl. I worked on the Sanctuary & had to practice some of the specialty stitches. I think I spent more time practicing than actually working on the linen piece! sigh. Some evenings are just like that.

Cathy said...

I'm game for finishing Miss Mary Mack in May - haven't worked on her for ages!

You are very organized! I thought I had a lot of stash - WOW!

Jenna said...

Wow! You go girl! All of that stash and unpacked so quickly? I'm amazed. :)