Monday, November 21, 2005

Words of Wisdom

I'm so excited about the group we are forming for the Miss Mary Mack stitch-a-long! I thought it would be a good idea to contact Lori Markovic and see of she had any words of wisdom and practical information for us. Lori replied right away to my email and gave me permission to quote her here. (She is the BEST!) Here is what Lori said about her Miss Mary Mack necklace:
"I stitched on a scrap of linen, so I don't know what the name was. I believe I used Black Crow, but Crescent Colours' Black Coffee would be nice as well. (not so blue). I did full stitches over one, but had to shorten some locks of hair and it barely fit the width. When I got almost finished with the dress, I stitched the feet where I wanted them and just filled in the dress to fit the feet. The place to leave space if you must is the top. Otherwise it will look like she's floating (which she does when she jumps so high high high). But it didn't look good on the pin. I did the outline and fill method of stitching and it worked well. When finishing, I cut a piece of foam core the size of the frame and pinned into the foam part of the foam core (with the stitched piece being held by the pins). I cut the linen even with the back of the foam core to avoid any bulk and pinned the corners after miter-folding them. I placed the finished foamcore covered piece into the frame and gently but firmly bent the edges of the frame toward the stitched piece to hold it into place a little better. For the necklace part, I bought some black cord and placed it at the top of the frame, but on the underside of the metal top part, the cord comes out the side edges. That might not make any sense, but if you look at the finished piece, that helps. Of course, you could attach the pin on back and put the cord onto that. (or leave it a pin) I hope you do get to her. It's alot of fun to wear. If I can help in any way, please let me know."

Lori thanks so much for the information! I appreciate your help - you are the best!

Would anyone be too disappointed if we wait and start the SAL after the holidays? That will give everyone plenty of time to collect supplies. I like the idea of starting after the hustle-bustle of the holidays is over, perhaps the first week of January. Any objections?

Anna I think I'm going to stitch it both ways too. I love the pin but I want to stitch the entire design as well. It is just too cute!

If you are not sure where to order the tin pin, Tobie shared the Norden link a few weeks ago - thanks a bunch Tobie! Any LNS or ONS should be able to order it for you. It is the rectangular pin, TF05. My LNS ordered it for me and I paid $12. If you are a bargain hunter, check the clearance merchandise at your LNS or ONS for one of the Twisted Threads kits that include a tin pin. My LNS had the "Tin Pin You & Me" kit (pin, fabric, floss and chart) on clearance for $12. Such a deal!

Several of you are interested in stitching along but using a different design for the necklace or stitching the full size Miss Mary. Come one, come all, everyone is welcome!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about the redwork project I stitched for Helene, aka Oven Mit! It was a fun design to stitch and the Glorianna was a joy to work with.

Barb I haven't finished "Be True" yet either! I'm going to stitch it both ways, over two as a pincushion and over one as a pin. Love it! Christi finished hers and it looks great. Hey Karen in IN, have you finished yours? And Tracey, how about you?

I will have finish photos to share in the next day or two. I finished Parts 13 and 14 of Terre de France and I'm almost finished with my Zipper project, Giving Thanks. It feels good to have a few finishes!


KarenV said...

How kind of Lori to send all that information! :)

I can't wait to start this - the beginning of January sounds good to me. My fabric, as I suspected, is backordered, so will be another 2-3 weeks, my Tin Pin is on order, Becky is picking up the chart for me this week :) so all I have to do is choose my thread! I have a new skein of WDW Onyx which is more brown than black and it might work but I'll wait until I get the fabric before deciding.

Barbara said...

January sounds excellent to me, too. Lots of holiday stuff yet to finish!

Joanie said...

Hey! I got my supplies today and I think that January would be a great time to start Miss Mary Mack. Lori was very kind to send you all that info, what a nice gesture. I have a bizzion skeins of WDW Onyx that's more brown than black too. But, I am leaning toward a blue-black like Pea Coat. I have 40 ct Vintage Lt. Exemplar and I will do a floss toss.
I am looking forward to stitching this and making it into a pin to wear to work, I can't for the comments. LOL!!!

Cathy said...

January is perfect! I have sooooo many things to do between now and Christmas and so this timing is great. I've got my supplies and I am ready to go!

Anna van Schurman said...

Yup, gotta wait until I've got some Christmas cash. :)

Lelia said...

WOOT! Thank you Lori. Now I get how to put it all together. Just need to purchase some foam-board. Or ask my frame person to cut a piece!!!

Thanks Chelle for getting this SAL off the ground. First week in January is perfect.

Tori is home & I need to get her up for her Subway shift. Just call me June Cleaver for a couple days ... LOL

Patti said...

I just invited myself along, hope you all don't mind! I will get my tin pin ordered this weekend and I look forward to a January start.