Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lebanon Show - Buildings and Scenery

With the Thanksgiving holiday just a few hours away, I decided to postpone taking pictures of my recent finishes. One needs ironing and the ironing board is NOT coming out of the closet until after the holiday weekend! Instead I thought I would show you more of the Lebanon Cross Stitch Show. Last time I covered the Specialty Stitches category, including Katrina's Best of Show entry. This time I want to show you the Buildings and Scenery category. Alas, I only photographed four of the seven entries. I aspire to do better next year!

This is Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs.

Don't you love the fabric for this, and the frame she chose? Beautiful work Louann!

This is Westwinds by Barrick Samplers, stitched by Debbie.

Nearly every year someone enters this design. Isn't that the mark of a truely great design? It comes back every year, better than ever. I have this in my stash and need to get it stitched up. Hey, maybe I'll enter it in the show next year!

Check this out, Charles Wysocki's Birch Point stitched by Carol.

Wow, what a well-deserved blue ribbon. My hat is off to Carol. Accept my apologies for the big ugly flash in the middle of the photo. This piece is a stunner.

Just one more, this is Summer House by Blackbird Designs.

My friend Jeanne stitched this one and it is lovely! Beautiful work Jeanne, and as usual your framing is awesome!

Unfortunately that concludes the photos I have for this category. I hope to be a better photographer next year!

On the subject of Miss Mary Mack, so far everyone is enthusiastic about starting in January. Should be fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. Have a safe holiday weekend. Somebody eat a bite of turkey for me - we're having surf-and-turf! YUM!


AnneS said...

What great photos - thanks for sharing :) I love to see other people's stitching :))

Joanie said...

Beautiful pictures, makes me want to buy them all!

Lelia said...

Love the blackbird projects -- very unique : )

Surf-n-turf sounds ok to me. I'm roasting a 14lb turkey with a few side dishes. DH & DS went to the grocery store to see if there are any pumpkin pies to be had -- otherwise, I'll bake a cake or something.

Tomorrow, nobody needs to be anyplace but here -- and we can tune in the parade & dog show. I think the kids want to sneak away for Harry Potter -- WOOT peace & quiet after the meal is done.

KarenV said...

Thanks for sharing the pics :) I especially love the Barrick Samplers one - I can see why someone always enters this piece.

Happy Thanksgiving Chelle!

Barbara said...

They are great photos - I've been wondering about buying Westwinds today, coincidentally.

Gina E. said...

I am simply blown away by the pictures that some people the Birch Point one really cross stitch? It looks just too finely worked, but I guess it would be on linen.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing these photos; such inspiration. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Tobie said...

Great pictures! I just bought Westwinds recently, and seeing your pictures bumped it up in my to-do pile, I think. ;-) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!