Monday, December 05, 2005

Catching Up

I keep thinking I'll have more time to blog tomorrow. Have you ever noticed that tomorrow never comes? Time to catch up a bit!

It sounds like everyone is willing to wait until January to start our Miss Mary Mack SAL. That will give us plenty of time to gather supplies and catch our breath after the holiday bustle. I can't wait!

Thanks for your nice comments about the Lebanon Show photos. I have more to share. We haven't worked our way through all of the categories yet. I'm glad you are enjoying them! Gina, yes the Birch Point project really is cross stitched! Isn't it amazing?

I've made some progress with my stitching. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I finished Part 15 of Terre de France, so I'm all caught up...for the moment! Here is a progress picture:

During Rainbow Stitchers on November 21st I finished the Giving Thanks Zipper - just in time for Thanksgiving!

I always have a Zipper project going, so I started the Penguin Globe Zipper on November 25th. It is such a cute design!

I also started Deftly Wrought by Midsummer Night Designs. I *love*love*love* this sampler! I will scan it soon so you can see it in progress. The colors are awesome.

Last night I was in the mood for something different so I pulled out a WIP, Antique Sampler Accent by Periwinkle Promises. I'm on the last band, so maybe I'll have it finished tonight.

That is all for now. Ciao!


KarenV said...

Terre de France is looking great Chelle and I love the Thanksgiving piece - really cute!

I have my Tin Pin! Just waiting for the chart and fabric now. I can't wait to start this SAL :)

AnneS said...

Terre de France is amazing - I just adore this piece :) And the Thanksgiving one is real cute too :) I have the acorn needlebook by Periwinkle Promises, and I have to say I think the instructions are phenomenal! Looking forward to seeing your happy dance soon :))

Barbara said...

Nice to see you again. Boy, have you been productive! Great pictures - thanks for sharing them.

La Natole said...

Very nice your Terre de france, bravo!!

BeckySC said...

Hi Chelle :)
WOW on Terre de France .....just WOW!

Anonymous said...

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