Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Miss Mary Mack

Last month I had the good fortune to take a class from Lori Markovic of La-D-Da. She was wearing this necklace. I absolutely love it! I love it so much that I have to make one too. The Miss Mary Mack character is from the La-D-Da design of the same name. (Does anyone else have childhood memories of jumping rope to this rhyme? Or was it a hand-clapping game?) Here is a scan of the chart so you can see the whole design.

In order for Miss Mary to fit into the rectangle tin pin, she must be stitched over one on a high count fabric. I found a nice bit of 40 ct R&R Gold Finch in my stash and cut a 4" x 5" piece. (This piece of Gold Finch looks very similar -even identical- to the 40 ct Sheep's Straw that I have, but that is a whole other topic!) The cut is a bit generous, as the tin pin is 1" x 3", but I want to have plenty of fabric to work with. I don't want to stitch this in hand, so I need to sew a few scraps of muslin around the edges and make it large enough for my small q-snaps.

If you look closely at Lori's necklace, you will see that she stitched Miss Mary with an overdyed thread. I did a floss toss with the Gold Finch and several different overdyed threads. In the end I liked GAST Black Crow the best. Black Crow has a touch of dark blue; I love the way it looks on the fabric. (It also gives me a bird theme...Gold Finch...Black Crow - get it? Yes, I know I am crazy...) Here is a scan of my fabric, an old skein of Black Crow and the tin pin, still in the package. I'm going to buy a new skein of Black Crow for this project, just in case.

Missy and I have been talking about stitching this together as a SAL. Karen V is interested too. Anyone else? You wouldn't have to make it into a necklace if you don't want to, you could just stitch the design. We haven't chosen a time to start as we are still collecting supplies. Is anyone else interested? I wouldn't mind getting started on this right away, but I'm also willing to wait until next year to start if more of you want to join us and if that works best for everyone.

I should also add that I think the fabric Lori chose is darker than Gold Finch and I do not know what floss she used. The Gold Finch/Black Crow choice is my personal preference. Miss Mary wouldn't have to be stitched in black or dark colors. Wouldn't she make a cute redwork design?

I counted the design area for Miss Mary and came up with 98 stitches high by 41 stitches wide. I calculated the design size (over one) for several different counts of fabric and came up with:

  • 32 count fabric = 1.28" x 3.06"
  • 36 count fabric = 1.14" x 2.72"
  • 40 count fabric = 1.03" x 2.45"

I am horrible with numbers, so if you find a mis-count or a mis-calculation, please-oh-please let me know! I don't want to put out bad information. I think the design will look good in any of these counts of fabric and it would be easy to "morph" Miss Mary, making her a little taller (by adding a row to the dress or legs) or narrower (taking a stitch out of those wild curls) if need be. As I mentioned above, the tin pin is about 1" x 3".

So who wants to stitch along?


missy said...

RE: Miss MARY Mack:
All I need to do is order my fabric!!! I was thinking about the R&R Sheep Straw butsince you say that it is very similiar to Gold Finch I will go with whatever is in stock!! :)
I will be placing an order with Elegant Stitch tomorrow morning. As soon as I get it I'm ready to go!! But I can wait if need be, so that the other SALer's may gather up their stash!!!
I can't wait to get this started!!

My e-mail is:
busy bee missy @ yahoo .com
(of cousre take out the spaces!!)

Barb said...

Hi Chelle,

Can't wait to see your finished Miss Mary Mack!! I soooo wanted to leave with Lori's around my neck the day of our class for Be True :) I am sorry to say I haven't finished that either.


Cathy said...

Well, I must say that I am tempted. I already have the pattern but would need to get fabric and threads....How soon are you planning to start this?

KarenV said...

I need to get the chart and probably fabric, since I don't have any suitable 40ct. It might take a while to get stuff from overseas, so a December or Jan start would be better for me, but if you don't want to wait that long, that's OK.

KarenV said...

Me again...I've just ordered my fabric from Silkweaver (40ct Vintage Autumn Gold Lakeside) and I'm trying to decide where to get my chart and tin pin from. The fabric will probably be backordered so it'll be another 2-3 weeks at least.

Anna van Schurman said...

Me, me, me. I loved this pattern the first time I saw it. I love, love, love the pin! I'm going to have to stitch it both ways. Ack.

I remember it as a handclapping game. It was in my Zoom book. Okay, I'm not showing my age.

Annemiek said...

I want to join as well, I think MIss Mary Mack is hilarious. And the necklace pin thing sounds like the perfect finishing touch. I have yet to decide on fabric and thread, but will go for a 40 count.
Do you know if Lori stitched a whole cross on 40 count or a half cross (petit point)?

Bea said...

Chelle, I can't wait for seeing your finish. I love that chart!

Joanie said...

Yes, I would like to join your SAL! Can you tell me where you got the pin? I would like to make it as one, but after the holidays, please?


Barbara said...

I'd be interested. Where did you order the supplies to make it into a pin/necklace? I have everything else already... (isn't stash great?!).

Cathy said...

Chelle - I've got my stuff and I'm ready to just have to say when!

Lelia said...

Hi Chelle: I'm taking a break from house cleaning (for holidays). I've been really at it & 2 busy 2 blog (or read) sorry to admit.

When I was young (remember I'm a very old fossil now) two gal pals would hand-slap Mary Mack & I think crossed our arms to our shoulders & slapped our legs, too. At times, we would add in a third friend & it was a barrel of laughs messing up & smacking each other.

I have 2 tin pins/patterns (in my stash from House of Stitches) now & would like to stitch a long - but use a different pattern. Is that ok? I gotta pay IndUniv another bundle by December 10th. Ouch -- please pity me as this is a painful payment.

Karen in Indiana said...

Hi Chelle -
WE had such fun at Lori's class and we both admired this piece!! I would love to join you. Won't have time until after the holidays, but count me in!

Julie said...

I'd love to do a tin pin like that, can you tell me where you got the pin? I'll probably stitch a different pattern though.

Patti said...

Please count me in too! I have the chart and I'm sure suitable fabric-probably 40ct sheep straw and GAST black crow. Just need to get a tin pin frame.

Vero M said...

Hi Chelle,

I just discovered your tiny cutie and want mine as
I collected the stash and am going to stitch it tonight :-)))
Thanks for sharing.