Monday, October 03, 2005

SBQ from September

A big thank-you to everyone for the comments and compliments on Bless This House! I am still over the moon about how the colors came together. I'm glad to hear you like it too!

Shelleen and Jenna - it isn't hanging up...yet. This week I'll be taking it to my LNS for entry in the cross stitch show (Oct. 15-16). When it comes home I'm really not sure where it will hang! I only framed it so I could enter it in the show. I'll keep you posted!

Tobie - about my conversion, here's a heads-up about the WDW Dolphin. Most of the skeins at my LNS are more gray and less blue. I used a skein that was more blue and less gray. (Who wants gray flowers?) If you can't find a blue Dolphin you might want to convert it to something else. Hope that helps!

Cathymk - this is the very first time I've managed to beat glass glare! Full sun worked, but I think it is possible that the time of day/angle of the sun worked in my favor, too. I have the hardest time photographing anything with glass! Ugh!

I need to catch up with the SBQ! Here are two...

What is the most challenging specialty stitch you have ever stitched?

This is going to sound really goofy, but would you believe I have trouble with the satin stitch? For some reason I can never remember whether I am supposed to count threads or holes. It is a real mental block. I have a note I can refer to and remind myself how to do them correctly. Pretty basic, but for some reason it eats my lunch every time!

Have you ever just quit a project while in the midst of it? (We're not referring to UFOs here, rather projects that you know that you'll never work on again.) Why? What did you do with it - throw it out,give it away, put it away?

I have one of these! Cynthia Zittel (Drawn Thread) named the design Random Thoughts but I named mine Random Mistakes. I don't know what the problem is (the project is possessed) but every time I work on it I make mistakes (because it is possessed); every time I pick it up I find new mistakes (because it is possessed) and problems that weren't there before (clearly it is possessed). I'm almost half done with the project, and as far as I'm concerned it is now finished. It was a big relief when I gave my self "permission" to stop working on it and took it off my WIP list. Now it lives in the cedar chest where (hopefully) it isn't contaminating my finishes...


Lelia said...

I have Random Thoughts ready to go (after Sanctuary). As I looked over the directions, I remember thinking -- these motifs have to be near-perfect to keep everything spaced out right.

Hey, don't forget to print off the Twisted Oaks freebie off the stitching smalls group. It is in the file section -- looks cute as a tuffet.

Tobie said...

Hi Chelle, thanks for the heads up about the 'blue' on Bless this House! It really is pretty, your conversion is so nice!
I have thrown half-stitched things away, just so they can't wimper and whine from the basket or drawer and I could stitch on other things in peace. :-)