Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bless This House Eye Candy!

Today I went to lunch with several stitching friends. I was surprised to see Jeanne there and even more surprised to see a large package waiting for me. Jeanne finished framing Bless This House! I'm so pleased with it. Jeanne you are THE BEST!

So here it is! I took this picture in full sun to avoid glare from the glass or flash.

I stitched the design on 19 ct. Dirty Cork linen. (This made the design size approx. 17" wide and 7" high.) The chart called for Sampler Threads; I wanted to stitch with #5 perle cottons over 2, so (with help!) I converted the threads to Weeks and Caron Watercolours. Here is the conversion:

GAST Dark Chocolate -> WDW Onyx (2 skeins)
GAST Black Crow -> Watercolours Dark Shadows
GAST Grecian Gold -> WDW Schneckley
GAST Blue Spruce -> WDW Juniper (2 skeins)
GAST Old Blue Paint -> WDW Dolphin
GAST Purple Iris -> Watercolours Periwinkle
GAST Cinnamon -> WDW Hazelnut
GAST Mulberry -> WDW Brick
GAST Parchment -> WDW Beige

Did I mention that I LOVE how this project turned out? Thanks again to Linda and Heather for helping me with the color conversion and also thanks again to Jeanne for a great framing job.

Thanks to all of you who commented last week when I posted about the finish. I appreciate your comments and encouragement! To Tobie and Lelia, my favorite ornament from the JCS magazine is the Glad Tidings Needlecase by Gentle Pursuit Designs. (page 15) I'm fascinated with the finishing, and I LOVE the idea of a strawberry emery for the bell clapper. My "favorite" changes nearly every time I pick up the magazine, so tomorrow I'll be ga-ga over another design. So which design is YOUR favorite?


Shelleen said...

the framing came out great. So where is it hanging?

Kiwi Jo said...

It looks great!!

Lelia said...

chelle: this is awesome. It turned out very very well! The frame is perfect. I have not figured out my favorite in the JCS ornament magazine. Like you, every time I flip thru it - I change my mind!! I have not stitched one orn from the 2004 issue yet. Still, have to have it and enjoy it.

BeckySC said...

Ooooh, that's BEEutiful!!! WOW!
Great job on stitchig and framing :)

Thanks for sharing :)

My Life In Stitches said...

Looks great! I picked up this pattern after seeing your WIP and plan on stitching someday...
Happy Stitching,

Jenna said...

Wow, Chelle, it looks incredible! It turned out so well, you must be very excited. :D Yay!

Where are you going to hang it?

Sylvie said...

Lovely colors!

Tobie said...

Hi Chelle, it looks wonderful! I want to stitch it exactly like you did, thanks for your conversion! I had to go look for your fav. ornament, even though I've looked thru the magazine lots of times, I had not noticed that ornament until now. The strawberry emery for a bell clapper is very clever and cute! Your 'Bless This House' is beautiful!!!

cathymk said...

Looks Fantastic! Congratulations.
So that's how you eliminate glare when photographing a framed piece... we were trying yesterday at my sisters place to no avail.

Barbara said...


Cathy said...

Looks great! You did a beautiful job on this.