Thursday, October 13, 2005

Busy Week

What a deliciously busy week I am having!

Tuesday I went with Linda to Mom & Me. She needed to drop off her show entries. She entered several beautiful pieces! Our first stop was the frame shop to pick up her halloween piece. (There is a long story behind the framing of this piece but I won't go into it right now...poor Linda!) We had a great time putzing around in Mom & Me. Linda bought several new project but I restrained myself since I was just there last Tuesday. I did order three Dutch Treat tabletopper charts. I need to check my fabric stash to see if I have any Anne Cloth. Right now Mom & Me has a trunk show from Hands to Work, and it is stunning...and spectacular...and simply drop-dead gorgeous! The projects are amazing in person. Linda and I flipped over the bunny designs, "Be Not Weary" and "Return the Kindnesses". Until I saw "Return the Kindnesses" in person I didn't spot the upside-down bunny in the design. Sooooo cute!

Last night was TNT Guild. The guest speakers were the Yo-yo Club of Paducah. What an amazing group of ladies! This article explains a bit about them. They brought a stack of quilts with them - some old family quilts and some new quilts. "Wow" doesn't begin to cover it. Why oh why didn't I take my camera last night!?! They gave everyone a pin to wear made of yo-yos. (If you aren't familiar with fabric yo-yos, here is a link to a how-to article.) I love my pin! The fabric looks vintage. Very kewl! I'll try to get a good picture of it and post it later. These ladies do tons of charity work and offered note cards, yo-yo kits, and quilted items for sale. (I came home with 2 cards and 3 ornament kits!) They are also great story tellers. It was a wonderful evening.

Today I will finish my autumn exchange. I've only changed my mind 60 times on how to finish it. Tee hee! I have a wee bit of stitching to do for the back, then it will be assembled and off to the post office it will go. Hurrah! I have learned so much with this project. It has been fun!

This weekend is the Mom & Me cross stitch show. Mark's work schedule changed so I signed up to attend the Meet and Greet Friday night in Lebanon. I can't wait! It will be a reception with designers, vendors and distributors. How kewl is that? Saturday I'm taking two classes. The morning class is "Gingham Girlfriends" with Ruth Sparrow-Gendron of Twisted Threads. The project is so cute! The afternoon class is "Be True" with Lori Markovic of La-D-Da. The project is a pincushion with a little bird on it. I've heard it was designed just for this class, but I'm not sure about that. I'll find out on Saturday! Sunday I'll attend the show. I always take loads of pictures, so I'll be sharing them with you next week. I usually attend the show on both Saturday and Sunday. I don't know how I'm going to squeeze everything in on Sunday, but I'll do my best!

Thanks for the nice comments about my ornaments. Yes, they are still without cording. Tobie thanks for the tip to twist the cording a bit as you stitch. I'll try that! I found that Judy Odell has instructions for attaching cording on her web site. She includes close-up pictures! I also asked Linda about it last night at TNT. She suggested using a dot of glue to stop the cording from fraying, and said the best way to hide the ends is to tuck them inside the project as you sew the side seams. (Jenna you mentioned that too!) I can't tuck anything inside this set of ornaments - they are solidly glued together - but I will try that with future projects. I have Summer Louise Truswell's Ultimate Big Book about finishing; I need to find it and see if she has any words of wisdom. For now my ornaments will just have to be nekked and cording free. I will finish my autumn and redwork exchanges and then get back to the ornaments.

Enough! The autumn exchange project is calling to me. I must stop chatting and get to it!
*Edited twice for spelling and stuff. I'm sure there are still mistakes...UGH!*


Joanie said...

Hello! Thanks for your comments on my blog! I am hoping that it's only *muscle*!!! LOL!!

For cording instructions, try this link:

Barbara said...

I want to come live with you and do all this great stuff, too!!

And thanks for the glue trick on cording - I will try it.

Lelia said...

I'm green. You are going to have sooo much fun this week-end. Looking forward to your new photos.

Cording is a weakness of mine. I'm not very good at it. I do put more twist in while I sew -- but, to date, have not been real happy with any cording I've added. I guess I need more practice and patience!!!

Lelia said...

Forgot to ask: Which Dutch Treat designs are you getting?