Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today Totally Rocked!

I don't have much time, but I have to say that today rocked and last night was pretty awesome too.

Last night was the Meet & Greet, an opportunity for stitchers to meet the designers, vendors and distributors for the show. I didn't get to meet everyone, but it was a neat opportunity and a fun time.

Today totally rocked. The Twisted Threads class was a blast. I need some serious "study" time to figure out Ruth's sewing method combined with her over-one technique. It doesn't help that I cross my stitches the opposite way of the rest of the planet. Oh well, just one more thing to make life more interesting! Christi caught on and her needle was flying. I won a door prize - a bag of Twisted Threads design cards and a punch needle design! I was one of two stitchers who was carrying more than one pair of scissors and more than 10 needles... It was sort of embarrassing to have that much junk with me, but very kewl to be a winner!

At lunch I zoomed out to the show for the quickest peak at the entries. I literally ran through there, but let me tell you there are some AWESOME pieces entered this year! I can't wait for tomorrow so I can look at a leisurely pace and take pictures.

After lunch was the La-D-Da class. OH MY GOODNESS! Lori is an absolute sweetheart. I made my first ever tassel. We saw two new designs that will be released soon. I took pictures but of course I won't post them before the designs are published. That just wouldn't be right! This is a picture of the class project stitched over one and finished in a tin pin. I put my embroidery scissors in the picture for perspective.

Isn't it CUTE? How is it that I managed to miss photographing the design finished as a pincushion? DUH! The pincushion uses the most incredible button and beads. So pretty!

I met Karen from IN - she sat next to me during both classes and is so fun to stitch with! I also met Rita, who I've seen at Rockome but have never been introduced to. *Edited to add picture - it finally uploaded!

Karen and Rita it was a pleasure to meet you both! I have your email addresses...I'll be in touch!

Barb, Tracey and Katrina from Legacy were there.

What a blast to meet them in person! Katrina won Best of Show for her beautiful Toccata Number Two designed by Drawn Thread. Just sensational! Congratulations Katrina!

Lori was wearing a cute necklace - it was the girl from her Miss Mary Mack chart stitched over one on a high count linen, then mounted in a rectangular tin pin.

Of course now I want one of these. I ordered the square tin pin for the class project and the rectangle for Miss Mary Mack before I left Lebanon. Lori is so creative and used jewelry finding for finishing her BOAF bag and Miss Mary necklace. I need to hit the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby.

I also took a zillion pictures of Lori's purse - she stitched BOAF's Sally Spencer sampler and made it into a handbag. I just love it.

My Moonlight Stroll pillow (Yankee Stitcher) won an honorable mention!

That's all for tonight. More soon!


TraceyIL said...

It was great meeting you Chelle! Barb and I always have a great time at the show. This was our second annual trip with hopefully many more to follow.

Kiwi Jo said...

You sound so excited Chelle! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all those great projects. I love the tin necklace

Cathy said...

Gosh, I had fun just reading about all the fun you had! How exciting to meet the designers. Sounds like you came away with some really cool ideas for finishing too!

Barb said...

Hi Chelle,

It was fun meeting you in the LaDDa class! Had a great time.
Looking forward to next year!


Lelia said...

Congrats on your honerable mention. I'm so excited to read your post & see the pictures. The tins are awesome. I know I have a couple around here someplace. I never figured out how to get them mounted. Love the rectangular necklace & handbag, too. Woot! And you won a prize for having a lot of 'stuff' how cool is that?

cathymk said...

Sounds like a great time - I'm jealous! I love the new LaDDa - Polly wolly doodle - my Mum used to sing that to us all the time.

Barbara said...

wow!! Great pictures. Great projects. Great stories. I wish I were there, too! I want one of everything!!

Karen in IN said...

Very nice to meet you, too. It was a fun day and I hope to make this an annual event! Congrats on your show entries.

Kali said...

All beautiful work! Sounds like you had a great time :)

Joanie said...

Oh, that's a cool piece!!! Love it!

Your trip sounded so much fun and I bet you came away with a lot of inspiration from all the designers that you met. The tin necklace is too neat!