Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trash or Treasure Tuesday

Last week I stopped at Goodwill in a nearby town. Have you ever noticed that different Goodwill stores have different "personalities"? But I digress...

I found a Just Cross Stitch magazine from the 90's that called my name. I am convinced that someday I'll walk into a Goodwill store and find a copy of "The Proper Stitch" on the shelf. Yes, I am a dreamer.

I wandered over by the picture frames and discovered two large framed pieces of needlework. Oh my. I spent a LONG time deciding whether or not to bring them home. In the end I decided that I LOVED this one and had to have it.

I love the facial expressions of the kitties and the detail of the tablecloth is amazing. The white patch to the right of momma kitty is a clean spot - the rest looks like it is covered with nicotine. The frame isn't anything special. I will probably take the project out of the frame and figure out how to clean it. Maybe there is a drycleaner in town that can make it pretty? Here is a close-up of the facial expressions that made me buy it.

The other framed piece is such a perfect example of the 60's that it came home too.

This is a stamped embroidery project that is professionally framed. The calico fabrics are perfect 60's colors! It would look great hanging in a retro kitchen. Too bad I couldn't get a picture without so much glare!

Kitty picture - $4
Pig picture - $5
Rescuing another stitcher's project from Goodwill - Priceless!


Gina E. said...

Oh gosh, I am in the wrong country...I thought I had snapped up some bargains this week at our opshops, but there was nothing like these! They are both so lovely - and what a price. Do you ever stop to think how the original stitcher would feel if she knew her work had been chucked out to sell at a thrift shop :o(

Barbara said...

You get gold stars today for rescuing the needlework pieces!

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and I really like the projects you've posted. Thanks for sharing them!

Cathy said...

Love your comment at the end. You were very lucky to find these two quaint pieces. Enjoy them!

Lelia said...

Yes! What a rescue ; ) The faces are darling. do you really think you will find the Proper Stitch one day? What a celebration!

Nancy K. said...

Hello Chelle:

Oh my goodness! When I scrolled down your blog, I felt I was looking at my bedroom wall - my mom stitched this same piece many, many years ago, and it is one of my treasured memories of her! What a wonderful addition to your collection of stitchery! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle I’ve been looking for Christmas related blogs and I came across yours on Trash or Treasure Tuesday during my trawl, so I thought it would be polite to let you know about my visit. You are most welcome to come and visit me at Christmas. I would also be happy to trade links with you if you are interested. Bye for now and have a nice day! Roy.