Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Half Done

It is official! Terre de France is half done! I finished Part 12 just a few minutes ago. I am stitching this project on 32 count Spun Silver Permin linen (2 over 2) with plain old 310 DMC floss. I've used 7 full skeins of floss, plus a few strands from the 8th skein. I can't decide if I prefer the architectural elements in this project or the motifs from nature. This is an amazing design.

The first picture is the project with a white blanket behind it. The second is a close up of the first half. The third is a blurry close-up of Part 12.

Just think - this time next year I'll have all 24 parts of this project finished! WOW!

Back to the stitching nest. I'm going to try to finish another project or two today.


Jenna said...

Wow Chelle! I am VERY impressed. That is quite a wonderful and large project you have going.

Congratulations on reaching the halfway point. I think you deserve a reward!

Barbara said...

You make me want to start mine, too! This is such a great chart and you've done a wonderful job with it!

KarenV said...

Congratulations Chelle - it's looking wonderful!

cathymk said...

Looks Fabulous!!! congratulations!

A n i z a said...

You done a great progress! Can't wait to see it complete and frame up. Keep it up!

Kali said...

I LOVE this. Beautiful work!