Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

I recently joined a Yahoo group for stitching bloggers. The owner of the group asks a stitching related question every week for stitching bloggers to respond to. I think it is a fun idea! In the future I'll title my Stitching Blogger's Question entries as "SBQ" with the date. Here is the question for this week:

"Do you think that you stitch neater on Evenweave than you do on Aida cloth? If so, why?"

I think my stitching is neater on linen because I'm a more experienced stitcher than I was when I stitched on Aida. It is more about experience than fabric. I taught myself to cross stitch and I didn't find out there were "rules" (all top stitches go one direction, don't carry too far on the back, etc.) for many years. Today I don't always choose to follow all of the "rules" but my projects are much neater than they used to be.

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