Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Home from the Wedding

What a great weekend! Anna married Justin on Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony and Anna looked gorgeous. What a dress! Beth beaded the bodice. WOW!

On Monday (for MIOM) I started LHN Early America (a freebie) using Crescent Colours on a piece of pretty R&R fabric, all of which I picked up at Stitcher's Express in June. I'm stitching it over one. It looks great so far - I love over one!

I also worked on MHT this weekend. I stitched several of the leaves using the color Rebecca from Legacy recommended...and it didn't make my socks roll up and down. I talked it over with Mom and Joy and finally figured out what my "problem" is. I love the design, but I'm really not in love with the colors. So I'm going to wing it. I'm going to choose colors I like as I go and just see what happens. I frogged out the leaves for a second time and stitched them using Anchor 861. I like it and will continue with this color for the leaves of this tree. I'm not sure what I'll do about the fruit in this tree. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Here are a few pictures of Anna and Justin, mostly because they are so cute together and I can't resist! Scott was the photographer for both of these.

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A beautiful bride.