Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MIOM a Day Late

My Move It Out Monday project for this week got started a day late. I was super busy on Monday and didn't sit down to stitch until very late in the evening. I finally chose a Homespun Elegance project from the MIOM bag, but the fabric needed to be ironed. After ironing the fabric I settled down to put the first few stitches in and realized that the cover photo shows the center motif (a bee skep) done in satin stitches, not cross stitches. Couldn't find instructions regarding this on the leaflet. Several other motifs are pictured in satin stitch as well. The satin stitch looks neat and I'd love to stitch them that way. So I went to the computer and pulled up my notes on satin stitches. (I *always* have trouble with counting when I first start satin stitches...ALWAYS!) I felt more confident about the satin stitches so I went back to my stitching nest. Then I realized that the design is a perfect square and I'm working on a rectangular piece of fabric. Is the fabric too small? Of course it is! How did that happen? UGH! The only way to make that piece of fabric work is to stitch the project over one. I love over one, but this project will look better over two. I need to choose another project! I only thought it was late before. Now it is starting to get EARLY, as in early in the morning! I started digging in the MIOM bag and every project I pulled out needed to have the fabric ironed. I decided to call it a day. I was in no mood to iron.

So, the short story is that the MIOM project was started on Tuesday, June 28th. (Yes, I had to iron fabric.) The new project is Barrick's Acorn and Threads. I'm stitching it over two with one strand of DMC on 35 count RR Sheep's Straw.

I need to pull out ALL of the MIOM projects and iron the fabric. Might as well get it over with. I want to start a new project every Monday, not IRON every Monday!

I also need to pull out another MIOM to pack for the trip this weekend. Heaven forbid I will be out of town without a MIOM project to start!

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