Friday, July 08, 2005

A Collection of Over One

How do I love over one? Let me count the ways! For some reason it is just more fun than stitching over two. My first "big" over one project was actually pretty small. I saw the La-D-Da design "Bo-Peep" and it screamed to be stitched over one. Susan suggested 36 count fabric, and like an idiot that's what I did. Eek, talk about tiny! When I had the project nearly finished Meri showed us a good over one technique. I didn't change techniques mid-project, but I have used the new technique on almost all of my over one projects since then. Here is Bo-Peep. It won a 2nd place ribbon at Rockome!

Here are a few of my other over one projects:

Brightneedle's Key West Sampler

Meri Abrams - Purple Hat Sampler; this is the project Meri used to teach us the (new to me) over one technique.

Paula designed this and offered the chart at the first SLS stitch in she attended. It can be finished in one of those teensy tiny metal frames and can be worn as a pendant or pin. I scanned it with a penny to show just how tiny it is

Threads of Gold - Partridge in a Pear Tree

Lizzie Kate - Make It Personal, Joined In Love

Over one WIPs? Of course! LHN - Early America freebie. I just started it Monday. It is going to be so cute!

If this collection of over one projects isn't evidence of my eclectic taste, what is?


Ariane said...

Hello Chelle, cheer for your stitiching works! what a smoothness! I would come to see regularly

Lelia said...

Your over one projects are beautiful. I recently finished Eliza's Pyn Pillow (Ellen Chester's complimentary pattern on her web page) which included a closed herringbone (over one) what a challenge. Soon, I'll get some pictures up. btw, what was the tip for over one? Maybe I could use some pointers ...