Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stashing and Stitching

Anne came over for a visit today. It was fun to catch up! She is almost finished with A Year Full of Happy and it looks great! We made a quick trip to Mom and Me. Anne needed GAST and WDW. I had fabric and silks to pick up for Sue's new design that several of us from Violet Threads will be stitching. Apparently they had a really busy day at Mom & Me with several large groups coming in. I think the new stuff from market was pretty picked over. That's ok, I'll be going back with Ginger on Monday!

This afternoon/evening Anne and I enjoyed our stitching time. I started Part 11 of TdF and have most of the left side finished already. I love the motifs in this part! Anne went home just a bit ago, so I'm heading back to my stitching nest. Maybe I can finish Part 11 this weekend!

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