Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Patience Please!

Thanks to those who posted such nice comments on my blog. I really appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately I'm still pretty new at this and I really don't have a clue how to respond appropriately to questions, etc. Tonight I emailed a few of you. Thanks for your patience - I'll figure this out eventually. Until then I'm sure to stick my foot in something messy at least once!

My parents are in town this week, so it was a busy day. I put in a few stitches tonight on Bless This House. I'm still loving the colors - it is so hard to put down.

It is Tuesday and normally I would have stitched TdF for the French Sampler SAL...but *I'm already done with Part 11*!!! Tee hee!!! Ok, now I'm just showing off. Time to go...


Lelia said...

Thankz 4 your e-mail & I enjoyed browsing thru your photo albums

Bea said...

Hi Chelle!
Thanks for your post! I'm stitching the Terre de France too.
Great job! I'm stitching only the eighth block!!!