Friday, June 24, 2005

Low Motivation

I haven't stitched very much recently and I'm not sure why. I guess life is just getting in the way. I did finish Sweetheart Tree's Welcome Tree on June 19th. The stitching had been done for a while, but I was undecided about the beads. Before I started stitching this design, my favorite thing about it was the beads. After attaching the first 2 beads I decided I hated the beads. I mulled it over for a while and decided that the project was destined for the cedar chest anyway, so who cares if I'm not thrilled with it? It isn't like it is going on the wall or something. Now I think it looks ok with the beads...but it is still going in the cedar chest.

The MIOM project is starting to whelm. Not overwhelm...just whelm. Since I'm not getting a lot of stitching done the WIPs are stacking up. Monday night (the 20th) at Rainbow I started the Sheepish Designs freebie "Baby Alphabet" on a pretty piece of green linen with a pink Linen DMC that Adana gave me in Mattoon. (The Oriental Linen I planned to use is not going to work. It shreds. I think it will be lovely with multiple strands on a low count linen, but a single strand on high count linen is out of the question.) I'm still undecided regarding the DMC Linen floss. I will continue to use it for this project, but I'm not sure if I would use the Linen floss for other projects. It is stiff to work with (that doesn't bother me) and it tends to get fuzzy. I may need to use a bigger needle and/or shorter lengths.

I am close to finishing Part 10 of TdF. I would like to work some more on a few WIPs like the CEC and SusieQ design. Maybe this weekend?

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