Sunday, September 08, 2013

Summer? What Happened to Summer?

I sure don't understand how time flies past so quickly.  One minute it's spring and the next it's fall.  I had grand plans to show another round of finishes.  I even took the pictures, and that's usually the sticking point for me.  So how about if we get right to the pictures?

I started Sampler aux Bouquet I by Jardin Prive in January as part of a stitch-along at Sampler World.

I am stitching over one on white Cashel and I'm really happy with how it is turning out.  I plan to stitch all 3 parts, so it is going to be a long and skinny project.  Love it!

I saw this Val's Stuff design stitched up at the Mom & Me Forever shop (now closed, boo hoo!) and planned to stitch it on a low count fabric with perle cottons - like a Bent Creek Zipper.  That plan went sideways when I tossed the floss on a tiny scrap of bright yellow fabric in my stash.

Hello, Topsy Turvy Bunnies!  This project is also over one on Cashel.  Can you see the bunnies?  There is a bunny face on the diagonal in each corner with their ears pointing to the center of the square.  Love the carrots in between! 

The bunnies project will eventually become a little fob or ornament, and I thought it called for fun, bright beads.  I went to Michael's with Ginger and Amy and found exactly zero beads that were even vaguely appropriate.  I was disappointed and decided to look elsewhere.  I wandered through the clearance section on my way out, and look what I found!

What you see on the left is (reportedly) a napkin ring, with perfect beads!  The bowl of perfect orange beads started out as a napkin ring (really?) as well.  It took a little work to snip through the wire of the napkin rings, but it was well worth it...and a bargain too!

Next on the list is a Bent Creek Zipper, Cabin Snowglobe.

You know how much I love Zippers!  The snow globes are always fun to stitch, and I love how this one turned out.

My last project has a story to tell.  Monique started it, and she chose a beautiful thread color for this monochrome design - Carrie's Creation floss in Olive.  The design is Midnight Stitching's Quaker Floral.  At some point Monique grew weary of it ( I never did hear the full story on that!) and sold the whole kit-n-caboodle to our friend Linda at a stitch-in. 

Linda loved the color too, and thoroughly enjoyed stitching it until...she realized the alphabet in the middle was missing the letter I.  This bothered her every time she looked at it, so she sold it to me at the next stitch-in. 

I am thrilled to have it!  I love the idea of finishing something that two of my friends have stitched  on.  The first time I sat down to work on it I started to stitch and had to stop.  Something was not right.  That's when it occurred to me that both friends cross their stitches the "right" way and I cross mine backwards.  Ack!  In the  end I turned the project 1/4 turn and stitched it that way so all of the stitches would be in the same direction.  Harmony!  In Olive! 

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow my sporadic blog posts and to those who leave comments!  I really appreciate it!


Anna van Schurman said...

I love the olive piece. Very pretty. And clever you to repurpose napkin rings!

valerie said...

So clever to repurpose the napkin rings because you needed beads. Fantastic! Love all your finishes and wips. The over one pieces look so dainty. Your Quaker Floral in olive is lovely and such a great story behind it.

Karoline said...

Some great finishes, great idea to use the napkin rings

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes Chelle! It's always lovely to see a post from you. ;-)