Friday, July 20, 2012

Diane Puts On A Few Pounds

From time to time, Diane gets a makeover.  I sort through her contents and pull out projects that I still love but have decided to return to the stash stacks.  Sometimes nothing comes out, but more kitted projects go in.  This is one of those times. 

This is "Topsy Turvy Bunnies" by Val's Stuff.  So cute, bright and fun.  Mom & Me Forever has the models on display and I fell in love with the pillow.
I planned to use fabric similar in color and count to the model - until I found this bit of bright yellow Cashel in my stash.  That changed everything.  The fabric is just a scrap, so I'll be stitching over one.

"The Bunny Collection" from JBW Designs caught my eye recently.  The Flowered Bunny is my favorite of the bunch, but I would like to stitch them all eventually.
Those pinks and greens look yummy on 36 count white Belfast.  This one will be stitched over two.

That's two bunny projects in a row.  Let's shake things up with "Not Forgotted" by Plum Street Samplers.  I am not into halloween, but this design makes me laugh out loud.  Lucky for me it was left out of the JCS special halloween issue and available for free on their website.  Score!
The fabric is 28 count Mocha Java.  If I stitch over one I can get several out of this piece of fabric.  Who am I kidding, I'm lucky to get ANY project stitched once!

I can't wait to start this one, "Death by Candy Corn" from The Scarlett House.  It calls for 40 count but I settled on this piece of 36 count off-white mystery fabric. 
The fabric color I chose isn't even close to what it calls for, but it looks similar to the picture so it works for me.  This is another over one project.

Super cute little Lizzie Kate "Farm Sampler!"  I will be stitching on 30 count WDW Straw fabric, just what the chart calls for.  Isn't that a shocker!
There are a few things I'm going to redesign on this project.  Details when it happens.

Lizzie Kate's "Prayer Connection" will be stitched over 2 on 32 count African Daisy Jobelan.
Close friends and family members will be amazed that 1) I had any yellow fabric in my stash at all, and 2) I've selected yellow fabric for not one but two projects in this group.  In the past I've been anti-yellow.  I can't seriously claim to be pro-yellow, but my resistance is slipping.

This Workbasket freebie is called Blue Flower and you can get it here along with a ton of other great designs.  I saw this finished and framed at Stitcher's Station but instead of blues the flower was done in purple and yellow.  I admired it very loudly, so Mary sent me the conversion info.  (Thanks Mary!)  I took the conversion a step further (trying to kit from my stash) and here's what I came up with.
I think the colors will look great on this 32 count Oyster color MCG Textiles fabric.

I saw this finished and framed at Stitches, Etc. and loved it!  It is "Lazy Alphabet" by La-D-Da and Jeanne stitched it on 28 count Blue Jean Gingham linen. 
Quite a change from the original, isnt' it?  I made some modifications of my own, so we'll see how this turns out.

This project , "Quilt VI" by Designs by Linda Myers, has been in my stash for quite a while.  When I was a member of a local quilt guild I fell in love with (the idea of) the Dear Jane quilt, so this project is a must-do.
I will be stitching on 28 count Bone Jobelan, over two.  I even have the frame for this one, squirreled away somewhere in the basement.  This is as close as I will ever come to reproducing Dear Jane.  I'm sorry I didn't take all of that DMC out of the bags for the picture.  Lazy!

It's going to be a jolly holiday stitching this Mary Poppins design!  I have 32 count Country Mocha Belfast pulled out but I can't settle on what fiber(s) to use.  I think blue would look great on the fabric.  I took it with me to Mom & Me last night (stitch night!) to get opinions.  The consensus is DMC in the 930's range.  (The chart calls for 2 colors.)  While I like the way it looks, it seems a bit dull.  Or very 1980's.
I want to stitch with solid colors of floss because the fabric is already busy.  I also like the idea of a dark(ish) silhouette vs. something bright - but not black or dark brown!  (I'm still recovering from all of the 310 I used in Terre De France.)   I have a few more stitching gatherings coming up in the next couple of weeks, so more opinions will be sought.  Decisions will be made.  Feel free to weigh in here with your own ideas.  All suggestions are welcome!

Did you notice all of the DMC I've been kitting with?  I still like my plain ol' floss the best.  That's all for now.


Sharon said...

Diane is looking pretty plump with those great projects! Looking forward to seeing some finishes Chelle!

Anna van Schurman said...

Stuffed her full! I like those floral bunnies too.

Linen Stitcher said...

OK, if I tried to comment on all of these projects, it would be a novella (you've had quite the kitting spree), so here's the brief version instead: Yellow fabric? And twice? I am surprised, but the colors look great! Love the bunny. Always love bunny designs. I could swear you'd already done the "Lazy Alphabet." I love "Blue Flower" (or should that be purple flower?). The quilt pattern is nice, and I'd vote for a navy on the Mary Poppins one. The two colors you show in the picture look good to me!

Now, to finish this comment, Blogger is telling me I have to prove I'm not a robot. If you're reading this, I was successful.

Say hi to Diane for me. :-)

Karoline said...

Some great projects there, enjoy