Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Gasp of 2011

If I hurry, I can squeeze in one more blog post this year.  Here is a run-down of my unblogged finishes for 2011.

First, Birdy Birdy by Sheepish Designs.  So much fun to stitch, all DMC all the time, and a simple yet inspired border.  Love this one!  Resides at Stitcher's Station, awaiting a frame.

I posted a picture previously of Comfort and Joy by Blue Ribbon Designs, but it was a wrinkled mess.  I wish the picture showed how beautiful the border is.  It almost looks like suede.  I debated about stitching the border, and I am so glad I did.  The chart is up for grabs.  Anyone?
This is how Reindeer Stocking by SamSarah turned out.  I am not loving the bulls eye noses, but it is what it is.  Frogging = not an option.
Mom and Me Forever hosted a Cherry Wood Design Studios trunk show a few months ago.  That's where I got this cute freebie.  The word "Boo" is stitched with glow-in-the-dark Kreinik.  Fun! 
This may be my favorite finish this year, Sow Good Seeds by Full Circle Designs.  Specialty stitches, cute buttons and wool applique added up to a really fun project.  I also enjoyed the gingham fabric, and honestly I didn't expect to.  There are several projects in this series, and I highly recommend them!
French Country Teddy Bear by JBW Designs was stitched for a friend.  I still need to do the finishing (deciding on how to finish it will be Step 1) and mail it to her.  When Mom saw it at Thanksgiving she remarked that it looks like lace.  Indeed it does!  It is stitched with Slate Blue Light Gloriana silk, one of the more delicious brands of silk in my stash.  Thanks Joy for the fabric!
By the Grace of God is an Olde Willow Design Works chart from the February 2004 Just Cross Stitch magazine.  It is a project that Jeanne gave me from Sue's estate, and it included the September Stars linen from Lakeside Linen as well as all of the OWD fibers.  The fabric is pale blue with white stars scattered across it.  I really enjoyed stitching this one!
The Shepherd's Bush Garden Needleroll I started in January is stitched but not finished into a needleroll.  The charm hasn't been attached yet.  I think the fabric is a little short on one end, so I have been hesitant to tackle the hemstitching.  (Sometimes "hesitant" means "I'd rather give up chocolate than endure this odious task.")

As 2011 ends, here is my CJC status:

Brightneedle - Can You Spy? - I think the tree in the center is done.  I haven't see it in a while.  It is over one, and I love over one but...hmmm, that is all.

Ewe & Eye & Friends - Petite Exemplary #1 - #4 - I only finished #1.  The remaining 3 will give me fun small projects to work on in 2012.

Full Circle Designs - Sow Good Seeds - Done!  This is one of those projects that you have to see in person, I think, to fully appreciate.

Goode Huswife - Reuben Rooster - Done, framed and on the bookcase in the living room.

La-D-Da - A Big Flower Sampler - All stems, no flowers.  Looking forward to this in 2012.

Lilybet Designs - Lady Champagne - Very little done but eager to pull it out soon.

Lizzie Kate - Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle - Stitched, no finishing.

The Needle's Notion - Sweet Pea Sampler - The girl in the middle is mostly done.  Miles to go on this one, but I am still excited about it.

Olde Willow Design Works - By the Grace of God - Done, currently resides in the finishes bin.  (Finishes no longer live in the cedar chest.  We call this "progress.")

Prairie Moon - Smoke Flower - Almost finished with the house in this design.  The house is the largest motif and once it is done the rest should sail right along.

Sheepish Designs - Precariously Perched - this project got switched to Birdy Birdy, which is Done!  Precariously Perched?  Not done.

Shepherd's Bush - Garden Needleroll - Stitched and not rolled.

Still Stitching with Susan Greening Davis - Stitched and still unfobbed.

Sweetheart Tree - Bountiful Acorns - Done!  Framed!  Fabulous!  Literally hanging on the wall!

With My Needle - Bunnies in the Garden - High on my list for 2012 finishes.

Final CJC score:   9 finished, 9 not finished.  I didn't really expect to finish them all, and frankly half is more than I really thought I would manage.  So hurrah for me! 

I am ending the year with 13 WIPs and 15 finishes.  Not too shabby!  The non-CJC WIPs that remain are:

Aury's Reindeer X-Mess - this one snuck into my stitching basket in September.  I have no idea how it happened.  Honest.

Madame la Fee - Merry Christmas - hardly touched in 2011, I am sad to say.  It is a beautiful design, but requires more intensive chart-reading than the primitive projects in my stash.  Too many nights my brain just can't wrap itself around multiple color changes; bring on simple.

SamSarah - Cocoa Stocking - still my work project.  I am making progress on the toe and still have the cuff to do.  I will take a stocking break when this one is finished.  I don't want to burn myself out on these - there are three more to go!

Sheepish Designs - Precariously Perched - the CJC project that wasn't.  It has hardly been touched since it was started, but it will make a nice "break" design between some of the bigger projects on the list.

The plan for 2012 is to do my own version of Measi's WIPocalypse 2012.  I never say never when it comes to starting something new (see Aury project above) but I will focus on finishing my WIPs.

So that wraps things up for 2011.  I leave you with a peek at this cute towel that Kristin stitched for me.
It was a surprise and it is so cheery it always brings a smile to my face when I see it.  Love you, girl!

Happy New Year, everyone!  See you in 2012!


Sharon said...

Some beautiful projects Chelle! I do love that border on Comfort and Joy-it's gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch in 2012. Happy New Year!

Katrina said...

All gorgeous projects!!! Looking forward to watching your progress in 2012. Hope you have a happy, happy New Year with lots of stitching :-).

Susieq said...

Love the attitude. I am about to write the 1st post of 2012 now. I am signed up for Measi's challenge this year, hopefully that will get me going on some of my WIPs. Will enjoy your progress on your WIP in 2012. Happy New Year.

Anna van Schurman said...

Maybe this year you can share some of these finishes rather than holding out until the end! Happy new year.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishes, congratulations

Good luck with your 2012 stitching plans