Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy - Day 14 and Day 15

Crazy January Challenge Day 14 - Shepherd's Bush "Garden Needleroll" kit.  The fabric is not identified in the kit but the floss is DMC.  I have several SB needleroll kits in my stash and I really should get them all stitched up.  The kits are well made and the designs are pretty.
Crazy January Challenge Day 15 - Goode Huswife "Reuben Rooster" stitched on 32 count R&R Antique Cotton with DMC floss.  A lot of progress with this one!  I might try to finish it before Tuesday so I will have a finish for the guild meeting.

Buh-bye to the first 15 days of the challenge!  I was not sure I could find the time to stitch every day but I did and loved every minute of it. 

I didn't manage very much stitching on "Sugarplums" while I worked this weekend, certainly not enough to warrant another picture.  I will take it to Rainbow tomorrow night.  Maybe I can make some significant progress.


mainely stitching said...

Great starts!!!

KarenV said...

Nice starts, I love the rooster!

Katrina said...

All great starts!!! I am trying to stitch every day this year :-). Even if some days are only a few stitches, it's something.