Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Organizing MIOM

I just restarted Move It Out Monday last week, and already I was inclined to abandon it this week. I spent some time over the weekend sorting through my current projects and reevaluating everything that was already kitted up for MIOM. The ready-to-start MIOM projects fill a very large bag. No really, it is a very large bag. In the end I discovered that I've lost that lovin' feelin' for a few of them. I took out the following:
  • Prairie Schooler - Farmers Market
  • Sheepish Designs - Dutch Alphabet
  • M Designs - Letter A/B
  • Susan Greening Davis - Patchwork Purse

The Prairie Schooler project was kitted up with 25 ct Floba and honestly I don't think that fabric is right for the project. It just wasn't speaking to me any more. I still love the Sheepish Dutch Alphabet, but I never could settle on a floss color for it and I wasn't crazy about the fabric for it either, just a scrap of some odd thing from my stash that happened to be almost the right size. The M Designs letter was going to be a gift for a friend and I've since changed my mind. (About the gift, not the friend!) The SGD patchwork project is a class kit that I bought on a whim and while I'd like to stitch it someday, I don't think it will be anytime soon.

I also spent some time updating my project lists. I have everything listed in a Word document with a MIOM supplement on a spreadsheet. In theory it is very organized but it feels like a mess. (Someday I'm going to develop my very own stash organization software. It will do absolutely everything I could ever want or need. Keep your nose pressed to the glass, because that's the same day you'll see a pig fly past your window.)

So on Monday after spending a great deal of time sorting, organizing, taking notes and generally turning my living room and office into a war zone, I started the Notebook Sampler by Birds of a Feather.

I'm stitching on the 36 ct fabric notebook cover that came with the kit using WDW Crimson and GAST Buttermilk. Getting the design properly centered has been downright painful. I think I need to rip out what I have done and move it one stitch to the left. It is hard to tell, because with the little spiral notebook in there, the center "moves". I'm sure that makes no sense, but what my eye sees does not agree with my measuring tape. Don't you hate that?

It was a Monday, I started something, and now I can move on. I hope things go more smoothly next Monday!


Anna van Schurman said...

I can't wait to see how yours turns out, whether it's off-kilter because of the notebook or perfectly centered.

Tessa said...

'Chelle - is it really out by 1 stitch? 1 stitch? If you haven't done a great deal I might be inclined to leave it how it is. on the other hand, when you look at it later, will you be saying 'if only it was one stitch to the left?'

I admire your MIOM and your efforts at being organised, I don't have the guts to do that but I have put myself on the wagon now and am only going to buy the supplies necessary to complete current projects....

Tessa said...

if the centre keeps moving, try measuring in from the edges of the book?
it looks ok in your photo...

Jenna said...

I agree with Tessa. It looks good to me. :) Great start!

Lelia said...

Yes, I can see the dilemma. I had that problem with a needlebook I made -- it was centered & I didn't take into account the fold -- which made the whole thing look dorky [imo]

Aren't we a critic today????

I like the notebook cover -- I don't think I've ever seen this one before.

If you get an organization that works for you -- I say stick with it. I made a couple of lists -- and never look at them LOL

I like the screaming rotation. After I finish stitching for the EGA chapter, I"m going back to MIOM, too. I seemed to get more accomplished with a focus on ONE thing ...