Friday, September 01, 2006

Be Ever Thankful, Revisited

My friend Sandy finished Sue's project Be Ever Thankful this week. Instead of springing for the expensive silks, Sandy converted to fibers that were in her stash. I absolutely love the way her version turned out, and I know Sue would have loved it too. Take a look -

Sandy gave me this list of Sue's original colors and her conversion:
NPI 605 Soft Mauve - DMC 3740
NPI 724 Cinnamon, Med. - WDW Cognac
NPI 756 Crimson Tide - WDW Brick
NPI 903 Raw Sienna - WDW Havana
Gloriana Autumn Arbor - Needle Neccessities 130
Gloriana Olive Grove - WDW Moss

If the cost of the silks has kept you from considering this project, try Sandy's version. I think it rocks! A big thank-you to Sandy for letting me include the photo of your project and your conversion here on my blog. I appreciate it!

Yesterday I mentioned that the final part of Terre de France had been released so I was going to get started on it. Apparently I had turbo needles last night, because this is what I accomplished:

That's pretty close to half done at one sitting. At this rate it will either be finished tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I think I'm just a wee bit excited. I was reading Annick's forum this morning and it sounds like she has another project in the works for us. I can't wait to see what it is!

Yesterday while catching up on my blog reading I browsed through Michelle's August goals and accomplishments. I was amazed to see Homespun Elegance's Woolly Tyme Club on her list. I haven't seen anyone else discussing this neat project. Drema has great pictures here. I need to stuff my sheep and get started. I've been mulling over the rebirth of Move It Out Monday, and I think the July Woolly Tyme Club design would be a perfect piece to start with. Come on Monday!

I'd like to thank everyone for your nice comments. I appreciate hearing from you!


Leah said...

Sandy's Be Ever Thankful is very pretty, excellent conversion! I'm looking forward to seeing your completed Terre de France.

Barbara said...

I do love Sandy's BET - those colors are so rich and inviting! Thanks for providing the conversion, too.

The final Terre de France is out? Good grief. I wish I could borrow your turbo needles!

Jenna said...

Sandy's conversion of Be Ever Thankful turned out beautifully. And you are really moving through the last part of Terre de France. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Cindy said...

I like Sandy's conversion..very nice..

Lex - Be said...

Sandy's work is Beautiful, I really love the color she used. And I thank her for giving us the thread conversion list. Thank you too ^^.