Thursday, August 31, 2006

The SBQ and a WIP Update

SBQ and a WIP. Is that enough alphabet soup for you?

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm seriously behind with the "Stitching Blogger Questions." The question from this week was suggested by Carolyn :

"How do you share your finished pieces with others? Do you frame them, scan and/or photograph them, or do you have another method that you would like to share?"

I try to catalog all of my finishes in some way, so I scan them or take a digital picture. I like sharing them on my blog and in some of the Yahoo groups I belong to. Of course my favorite way to share a finish is in person! I'm so lucky to be involved in several local stitching groups. It is fun to get feedback in person. Until recently I only framed my stitching if I planned to enter it in a show. Now I'm surrounded by bare walls so I'm getting things framed and up on the walls.

I'd like to answer the SBQ questions that I've missed, so I went to my email and checked the SBQ folder. The oldest email was from November of last year. I am horrified. Could it really have been so long ago? ACK! That is almost a year ago. I checked my blog archives as well, and alas it is the sad truth. So here are two SBQ questions from November, 2005.

The November 2nd "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Dianne ) and is:

"If you have stitched for a while, can you usually pick out the DMC colors you need from memory when you go to your LNS? (For example, you know that 610 is a brown.)"

I know some of the DMC colors "by heart" but I'm not that great at remembering them. I recognize a few color ranges, for instance my favorite blues and greens are in the 920's and 930's. I know a few basics and a few odd ones. In addition to DMC I regularly stitch with overdyeds and silks, so I'm not using DMC every day. Also, while I'm stitching I tend to associate a color with the symbol in the chart, not with the number on the skein.

One more! The November 9th "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Dawn and is:

"When comparing large projects versus small projects, which do you get more excited about finishing?"

Wow, I get excited about all of my finishes! I will have to admit, now that I am nearing the end of Terre de France, I am getting extra excited about completing something this large. It is probably my biggest project ever...and I'm rather excited! On the other hand, when I learn a new finishing technique (like a biscornu) I get pretty excited about a small finish, too. I guess my answer is...both!

That's it for the SBQ this week. Whoosh, it will take me months to catch up...

Speaking of Terre de France, I just went to Annick's site and the final part is up and ready to roll. Thank you Annick! I have it printed and ready for stitching tonight. Hurrah!

Since I'm switching to TdF tonight, I'll put the Bent Creek Spring Soapbox back in the stitching bag. Here is the progress I made last night:

First I stitched the chicken, then I stitched the egg. Perhaps this answers the age-old question about which came first? Ok, maybe not!


Jenna said...

LOL. Only the designer can answer which came first! ;)

KarenV said...

LOLOL! This looks like a really cute stitch - nice progress!

Isabelle said...

That is so cute!! How nifty to be stitching it on a band.

~Harsha~ said...

what a cute piece!

Kim said...

That's looking so great! Such a fun project!

Anna van Schurman said...

So it's the chicken. I always thought so. :)