Monday, June 26, 2006

Joy's Cobblestone Village

My sister Joy finished Cobblestone Village by Stoney Creek! She started this project on August 3, 2003 and finished on May 29th of this year. During that time there was about a year when she didn't stitch on it at all. Here it is!

For more pictures, including close-ups of the individual buildings, you can visit Joy's photo album here. If you have time, check out her other stitching projects too. She's a very talented stitcher.

Isn't Cobblestone Village amazing? I've seen it close up and in person. WOW! The project is 46 inches long, uses 63 different colors of DMC floss, plus a blending filament and one metallic thread. The backstitching alone would have been my undoing. All of those bricks, the intricate makes my brain hurt just to think about it.

Joy you did a tremendous job! I'm so impressed with this project, and your stitches are beautiful as usual. It is awesome. Way to go, Sis!


Barbara said...

A big happy dance for your talented (and persistant!) sister!

Gina E. said...

Wow, that is absolutely sensational, Chelle - not only is your sister talented, she must be dedicated as well, to even attempt that! Great to see you back online again - I took you off my favorites because I thought you had disappeared from cyberspace for good, but now you're back, I will put you back on my fave list again!
Love the photos of the winning entries in that show too - some stitchers are just too skilled for words to describe. I admire them all.

Jenna said...

What a gorgeous finished piece! Very impressive that she stuck to it and was able to complete it. Wow!

Cathy said...

That is quite amazing - thanks for sharing a photo!

whitecalla said...

Truly amazing and awesome piece.
Thank you for sharing Joy's album.

Lelia said...

oooooh... Joy did a wonderful job on this village. Stoney Creek has such difficult patterns. Wow. Talent runs in your family for sure.