Friday, October 28, 2005

Deftly Wrought - Must See!

I'm not sure I've ever posted two blog entries in one day, but I have to tell you about an awesome new design!

Deborah of Midsummer Night Designs has a new design called Deftly Wrought. To see it, check out her blog, Stitching and Scribbling. I absolutely love the mix of over one and over two, and the ME touch is perfect! You hit a home run with this design Deborah!


Lelia said...

Woot Chelle ... caught up on your rearranging & other stuff. My tin pins have the 'attachment' separate. I never made them because I couldn't figure out how to mount the linen. I have a square one (heart motif) and rectangular one (carrot motif). I will have to made them up now! Enjoy your week-end. Cannot wait to see your 'stash', too.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the post about "Deftly Wrought"; it's a lovely piece.

Tobie said...

I agree Chelle, this one is a winner!! Deborah did a beautiful job on this sampler.