Sunday, August 14, 2005

SBQ - August 13, 2005

I'm late with the SBQ question this week!

What do you do with the framed stitching that you keep? Do you hang it up and leave it in one place, never to move it? Or do you have a rotation, where you have one place for stitched pieces and switch them out according to mood or season? Maybe a mixture of both?

Oh dear - this is a question I won't be able to answer. I've lived in this house for 2 years and in the entire house I have exactly 3 things hanging on the walls. One of those items is a stitched piece. It is only hanging there because it came home from a show and there was a nail to hang it on - that was easier than boxing it up and storing it! Am I bad or what? I guess the answer to the question is...I hang it and leave it in one place, never to move it. That might change if I lived somewhere that really felt like HOME.


Lelia said...

I don't hang much up either -- only have 3 nails near my creative corner. Which of the Sheepish Designs freebie are you doing? Was it Here Kitty Kitty? My mind is lost .... I want to see this one already stitched ; )

Glad you are feeling better.

Chelle said...

Here Kitty Kitty is on the MIOM list but not started yet. :o) I was working on the Baby Alphabet and finished it yesterday. I'll get it scanned today...hurrah!

Cathy said...

I have this idea that one day I'm going to pick a wall in my house and hang everything I've ever stitched on it - sort of like an art gallery!

Chelle said...

Cathy once upon a time I wanted to do exactly that - have my own "art gallery" with all of my stitching hanging in one spot, no matter what the theme/style/etc. Turns out I don't want it badly enough to pay for that much framing. ;o)

Gina E. said...

Hope you catch up with this post, Chelle - I only saw your original just now, and have to put a comment! I had a wall in our lounge room dedicated to my framed stitchings, and a few more scattered around the house in other rooms. One day, the MOTH brought home a huge framed movie poster, and started scanning the house for somewhere to hang it. The only suitable spot was where my pictures were, so down they all came, and up went his poster. I didn't say much - I waited until his Mum visited, and she said it all! She was SOOOO angry with him and told him my work was much better than a blasted poster. Well, his poster is still there, and my pictures have been relegated to the cupboard in my craft room. BUT...revenge is sweet. MOTH has been nagging me for years to finish a large cross stitch pic of an Indian Chief, which I am about half way through. So every time he mentions it, I tell him it will never be finished now because there is nowhere to hang it, and I refuse to waste my time finishing something that will end up in a cupboard!