Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Little Progress

Last Saturday I rediscovered my LHN Early America project. This is a Move It Out Monday project that I am stitching over one. Somehow I totally forgot about it and found it buried in my stitching basket. Anyway, I've been working on it and I'm making progress! This scan was taken on August 1st.

Last night I finished the top of the design. It is time to scan it again! Maybe I'll finish it this week. For the record, I'm not happy with the way the colors are playing out. I'm using the Crescent Colours that it calls for and I love the colors in the skein but they are not as "strong" on the fabric as I would like. Maybe it is because the fabric is so "strong"? Somehow it isn't popping the way I think it should. On a more positive note, I love the way it looks over one.

I would like to add that I am shocked and horrified that I LOST this project. Normally I am organized to a degree that rivals OCD. I enjoy organizing my stash almost as much as I enjoy stitching. I think it is MIOM that has me spinning out of control. I'm totally fine with having lots of WIPs now, but the fact that I am losing track of what I've started and where it is - well, that is just spooky. I have MIOM lists, but I guess they are not working the way they should. My goal for this week is to reorganize my MIOM projects in a new format. Let's not talk about the fact that I haven't started my MIOM project for August 1st yet...


Lelia said...

Looks good to me. Need to rethink the MIOM to MIO every other Monday (MIOEOM). WIP alt with deadline stitching .... or something. But the idea of getting out a WIP every Monday sure boosted my "done" column ; ) Cheers, enjoy the day.

Cathy C said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog so much! What great designs, and stories. I must admit the one about your Mom was very touching.
Also wanted to ask if you can tell me where I can obtain one of the Early America freebie charts. I looked at the Little House Needleworks site, but could not find a link to a freebie. Thanks for your help.

Cathy C