Saturday, August 13, 2005

Finally Feeling Better

I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. I quit taking the prescription pain pills and that made all the difference. Who knew? Enough about that, I need to get back to the REALLY important stuff...STITCHING!!

I stitched quite a bit this week, mostly on my CEC project Garden Initials. The froggie trowel is DONE, the watering can is DONE and the pot of flowers is almost done!! If I get any stitching time in today, it will be finished for sure. I'll scan it and post again as soon as it is done. I'm ready for a finish!

Part 12 of Terre de France was released this week. I have it printed out and ready to go. Usually I start right after it is released, but I'm so close to finishing this CEC project that I put TdF aside for a bit. This is the 1/2 way section for TdF - when it is finished the sampler will officially be 1/2 done. I think I'm going to throw a party!! I'm a wee bit proud of myself for keeping up with it. It is the sort of project that I would never finish if I got behind. I'm not good with giant projects. The only thing that makes this one manageable is that it is divided into "bite-sized" pieces!

Thursday I had to take the car to the dealer and ended up waiting for an hour. Luckily I took Bless This House with me. I made good progress, including finishing one of the flowers. The flower was charted for GAST Mulberry; my substitution is WDW Brick. I'll post another picture when I get a little more of it stitched.

I am already planning ahead for my next Move It Out Monday project. I'm participating in the Redwork Exchange at the Stitching Bloggers Exchange and I know who I am stitching for! I am SO EXCITED!! Of course it is a secret, so I won't be saying too much about it here - certainly no pictures until we exchange in October! I'm all settled on the design and floss, but I need to pull out some fabric and do a floss toss. I should be ready to start on Monday. Yeah!

I guess that wraps it up. I will post again as soon as I get Garden Initials finished!
P.S. Thanks to everyone for the get-well wishes!!

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