Thursday, July 14, 2005


Last night was Ties, Needles and Threads - aka TNT. I've grown to love this guild! It is about 95% quilters so the primary discussions are about quilting. The meeting usually starts with a guest speaker or presentation, then we have refreshments, conduct the business part of the meeting, and end with show-and-tell. I don't quilt and I don't plan to start anytime soon. So what is it about this group that I love? I think it is the enthusiasm for needlearts. There are dozens of very talented needlewomen in the guild and seeing their work is such an inspiration.

Several months ago the group had a UFO night. The idea was to unearth your oldest UFO and bring it in for show-and-tell. Of course there was a prize for the oldest one. Last night one of the UFOs returned. Jane completed the embroidered tablecloth that she started in 1957! It is a very large and beautiful piece. Note to self - take the digital camera to TNT!

The guest speaker last night was a guild member whose last name escapes me at the moment. Linda is truely a quilting artist. The quilts she brought were original designs. Some were wallhangings and some were bed-size quilts. Her enthusiasm for her art was contagious. I'm not going to start quilting, but it did "rev my engine" for the needlework that I love!

There was a lot of discussion last night about Art East. Several of the guild members enter this art show. I want to attend the show this year so I can at least see what the fuss is about!

An applique class was mentioned; it is sponsored by the Heartland Guild. (As usual Linda and I are in the dark about this stuff - what is the Heartland Quild? Where and when does it meet? Is it all about quilts?) I read the paperwork about taking the applique class - I would love to learn how to applique! Unfortunately it was a class for intermediate to advanced students. I really need a beginner class. The price was right though - only $35 for the entire day and it included lunch! Wow!

During the meeting I almost finished my Sow Kind Seeds Zipper. I thought it was done until Linda pulled out a button that needs to be attached to it. Ugh! It really needs to be pressed before I attach the button. I guess that will be a project for tonight. I need and deserve a finish! I tried to start La-D-Da's Bless This House, but they were doing show-and-tell and I just couldn't concentrate on both things at once.

One more thing - I lost my needle last night, or I thought I did! Linda helped me and we searched everywhere. Finally we gave up and packed up our toys to go home. At the last minute I remembered to take off my name tag. I always attach my name tag to my blouse with one of Sue's Needle Minders. There on the Needle Minder was my lost needle - it wasn't so lost after all. The only thing I lost was my MIND!

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BeckySC said...

Hi Chelle :)

I enjoyed your post about TNT. I bet you all have a great time! (My LNS has a stitch in night, but it is a 45 minute drive and I don't tend to go, that is one of the reasons I gave up my job there...Oh how I miss is sometimes!!!!) WOW, a UFO from 1957, and she finsihed it! How inspriring is that????
Love the Lost needle story as tags are multifunctinal :) LOL!!

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