Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sidewalk Sale

Today was the sidewalk sale downtown. The Quilted Garden sold table space on their parking lot so stitchers could sell their stash garage-sale style. Of course, I had to go! Unfortunately it was wicked hot today and shopping was miserable. I did manage to come home with a pile of treasures. Mostly it is a hodge-podge of needlwork publications from the 1940's to the 1980's with a few other things thrown in. Here is a picture.

The pile of stuff on the right is odds and ends from various embroidery or crochet kits and designs. Also in the picture is a 2-yard piece of (blue) fabric with Paul Revere on it and a greeting card with an embroidered palm tree. The 5 cross stitch magazines are "Women's Circle Counted Cross Stitch" from 1988/89. This is a publication that I am not familiar with.

I also bought some yarn from a woman who was packing things up to go home. (Did I mention it was wicked hot?) I don't knit or crochet - I have no idea what I'm going to do with this stuff! It was so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. If I understood correctly, she spins and dyes these herself. Here is a picture.

The color is more dusty mauve than the picture shows. There are three different types of yarn. The ball on the right is wool. I'm not positive what to call the other types. I should have put something else in the picture to give you some perspective. The hank on the far left side is about 14 inches long.

Micky from had a table. Unfortunately she was packing up as well, and the only things left to look at were plastic canvas booklets. I've been to her site many times and heard quite a bit about her but never had the opportunity to meet her. What a neat lady!

Stitching Update - I didn't get a chance to stitch today but last night I worked on my Periwinkle Promises project. I made significant progress and I'm really enjoying the silks. I need to get started on my kitchen towel before the Violet Threads meeting on Tuesday. I need to transfer the design, choose floss colors and get started stitching. I'm excited about embroidering an every-day item that I will use! It will be fun to work on this as a group.

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Lelia said...

Which Periwinkle Promises project are you working on? I've done three of B.Rakosnic's things: Hope Sampler Accent, Perfectly Peoney, and Strawberry Sampler. Aren't her stitches interesting?