Saturday, April 02, 2005


Spring Zipper! Spring stitch-in! The topic must be Spring!

The stitching is done on the Spring Zipper! I need to sew on two buttons, and then it will be totally finished. I completed the stitching yesterday during the spring stitch-in. As usual, the stitch-in was loads of fun - great friends, yummy food, and oodles of shopping downstairs. I came home last night with a smile on my face, a full tummy, and a stitching bag that overflowed with grab bag items and new projects. My favorite "find" while shopping downstairs? A stack of freebies for Cross-Eyed Cricket and Homespun Elegance. Very exciting!

Update on Marion the Librarian: I figured out why Marion's skirt seemed to go on forever. It isn't a skirt - it is a dress! How is that for observant? This week I finished her dress and started on the cat. Mr. Kitty is about half done.

Weekend stitching goals:
  • Marion the Librarian - finish Mr. Kitty
  • MHT - finish the leaves on the tree
  • Sew the buttons on Spring Zipper

If that isn't enough to keep me busy and out of trouble, then I will dig in the cedar chest for fabric for La-D-Da's "Bless This House" - a chart that was a gift from Carol yesterday at the stitch-in. Thank you Carol!

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