Sunday, March 27, 2005

Still Stitching

Update on my progress:

Zipper - I attended the Rainbow Stitchers meeting on Monday night and made a lot of progress on my Spring Zipper. I am really close to finishing. I should be able to finish it on Tuesday during the Violet Threads meeting. I guess I need to dig through my Zipper stash and figure out which one to work on next!

MHT - I'm still in love with this 40 ct. fabric. Who knew? I've made significant progress on the center tree. All of the trunk is finished. I still have several branches to finish and nearly all of the leaves. I'm amazed at how quickly it is stitching up. Maybe there is hope that I can finish it this year! I am a wee bit concerned about the center house. The colors used are very pale, and I'm not sure how well they will show up on the Lambswool. I really do not want to change the colors. I guess time will tell - I need to finish the tree first!

Marion - I worked on Marion last night. If I ever get her skirt finished, I think the rest of it will stitch up quickly. This skirt is going on forever! I'm already plotting and planning which La-D-Da to start when Marion is finished.

Terre de France - Is it April yet? I'm ready for Part 8!

So what is on my stitching plate tonight? Marion is calling to me...I think I can finish the skirt tonight. MHT is calling to tree needs leaves! I have several projects kitted up, and they are ALL calling to me for various reasons. Everything in my screaming rotation is screaming to be stitched. Yikes!

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