Friday, May 06, 2011

Bunny Do-Over and Other News

My head is spinning as I try to remember all of my stitching news.  I guess it is better than having no stitching news at all!

I've made progress on several CJC projects.  I completed the tree in the middle of Brightneedle's "Can You Spy?" design.  The picture is rather off-center, but it is more true to color than the others I took.
Can you spy the "mistakes" in the tree?  This is an awesome design.

My title for this post refers to "Bunnies in the Garden" by With My Needle.  So what's up with the Bunnies?  Do-over?  Yup.  I love Summer Khaki fabric, but it was not making my socks roll up and down for this project.  I ripped out what I started in January and restarted.
When Joy was here in February she gave me some fabric (thanks, Sis!) and I put a piece of it to work here.  It is 32 count linen from MCG Textiles, the color is Oyster.  Normally I am a fan of sparse, scratchy linen, but I like the nubby texture and heavier weight for this project. Plus it looks fantastic!  My only worry now is whether or not I will have enough Olde Willow floss - in the right dye lots - to complete all of the pieces.  I can't wait to actually stitch a bunny!  We have a crop of baby bunnies in our back yard and they are a hoot to watch.

The next contestant is Full Circle Designs "Sow Good Seeds."  This is so cute!
The roof will be a wool applique, so the house will be roof-free until the bitter end.  It sure looks funny with that chimney hanging in the middle of nothing!

This week I have been working on "Smoke Flower" by Prairie Moon.  Sorry, no picture this time!  I'm focusing on the house for now and will be ready to move on to something new - a new start, in fact - very soon.

A CJC finish!  Be amazed!  This is "Still Stitching by the Sea," a class project by Susan Greening Davis.
This was a great little project.  It is full of specialty stitches, has some over one, and the colors are a wee bit outside of my comfort zone.  The ribbon in the picture came with the kit, and is to be ruched for use as a hanger.  I adore the ribbon, but sadly I think it is too dark and "heavy" looking for the lighter, beachy colors in the project.  The good news is that Kathy and Ilene found some ribbon for me at Paducah.  Thanks girls!  I can't wait to see it.  I almost forgot to mention, the "sea" behind the house is done with a woven plait stitch.  It was my favorite part of the project.

Ta Da!  The stitching is done on the Sugarplum stocking.  The picture doesn't do the colors justice. 
I have moved on to the Reindeer stocking. No picture this time, but I am making good progress.

My framed finish, "Garden of Life" by Blackbird Designs almost didn't make it to the guild challenge.  The sky was ugly and storms were on the way.  I wrapped it up in a pillow case to keep it safe...and left it safe and sound on the kitchen table!  I didn't miss it until I started unpacking the car at guild.  Groan!  My husband the hero came out in the storm and met me half way.
I was thrilled to win 1st place in the Stitchery category!  Susan's theme for the challenge was "Oh to be a Bride Again" and she made garters for ribbons.  She is so creative, and the garter is adorable.  Big hugs for Mark, you really are my hero!

I think that wraps things up for now.  It's time to stitch!


Joy said...

My head is spinning from all your progress!! LOVE the Sugarplum stocking...can't wait to see the Reindeer. I'm so glad you were able to put the fabric I brought you to use. I had it for years and never touched it, glad it is finally being "touched". :) You are making wonderful progress on the other designs. Congrats again on the 1st place ribbon! Joy

KarenV said...

You're working on some great designs! The Sugarplum Stocking looks wonderful and I like the little beach house finish - very cute!

Susieq said...

Congratulations on the 1st place, but I'm not surprised. Love the Sugar Plums too.

Linen Stitcher said...

Can I borrow some of your stitching news? I don't seem to have any of my own. [sigh] Love that tree! And love any project with bunnies in it. Congrats on your first-place win!! What fun!!

Katrina said...

Love watching your progress on all your projects!!! Everything is so pretty. Huge congrats on the reward, I love that BBD piece and the frame you chose is perfect.

Karoline said...

Congratulations on the finishes and the first place.

Your wips are looking great.