Friday, December 31, 2010

Rise and Shine, Nickademas!

I finished Bent Creek's Rise and Shine on the 28th.  I just love the rooster and the colors are right up my alley.  I've been considering framing it for my kitchen, but it is more likely that it will live in the cedar chest. At least for a while.   I have 3 large projects that I really want to frame and those have priority right now.

I thought I had my 15 January projects all figured out for the new year, but I keep looking at the list and changing my mind.  I should have started working on this list a lot earlier.  The hardest thing is narrowing it down to 15.   Maybe I'll go really crazy and double the number of starts.  I only have 2 (yes, two) WIPs right now.  I finished 15 projects in 2010.   Starting 15 new projects - is that really a challenge?  How about a new project every day in January?  That would be 31 new projects.  I mentioned this to Mark.  His reply was "Honey."  With the look.  Sigh.  It's like he knows me or something.

I finished one more project last night.  It is Nickademas by Raise the Roof from the 2010 JCS Ornament magazine.  Sadly, I am not very happy with it.  I wish I had chosen a darker blue fabric and maybe different colors for the hat.  I should have also gone with a higher thread count fabric.  It is way too big to be an ornament, but it will make a nice little pillow.  I am thinking about ric rac or pom-pom trim or maybe both.

I'll post my lists tomorrow - what I finished in 2010 and what my CRAZY starts will be in 2011.   And hopefully pictures of the two projects mentioned above, if Blogger will allow it.


Sharon said...

It will be interesting to see your final list. Happy New Year Chelle!

Katrina said...

That's a lot of projects, LOL. Can't wait to see the list and congrats on your finishes :-).

Happy New Year!