Thursday, December 21, 2006

Treasures From Friends

After "taking back" my ugly comments about Blogger and walking away for a 2 hour cooling off period (aka going out to dinner), I see that the picture feature is working again. Hurrah! Lelia, thanks for your tip about the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox. I hit that little snag when I was trying to upload the the TdF pictures the other night. For those who may not have heard, another thing to check after migrating to the new no-longer-beta Blogger is your email address. If you want it to be public, then go check the box again in your profile. Otherwise you're good to go. Apparently the migration sets all profiles to not show email addresses. Probably a wise move on Blogger's part!

Enough about my Blogger woes, it's time to talk about kewl friends and incredible stitching. Recently I've been finding treasures in my mailbox. My friend Pam sent pillowcases that were stitched by her Mom. They are absolutely fantastic! The first pair have this pretty design:

Here is a close-up of the center.

The edge looks tatted. Gorgeous!

The second pair is even more incredible:

A close-up of one of the bees:

Plenty of French knots!

Thanks Pam! I love them and will take good care of them. You rock! By the way, it's time to turn that imaginary blog into something with a real name and URL. (Ducking!)

I participated in the St. Louis Stitchers ornament exchange this year. I was thrilled when I received this fantastic Homespun Elegance ornament in the mail from Monique!

Isn't it sweet? I love the wool felt finish! On the back Monique used a sparkle paper to personalize it. How clever is that?

Thanks, Monique! I absolutely love it!

Last but most certainly not least, I received this incredible ornament from Lelia.

The picture doesn't do it justice at all. The sheep is a zillion little French knots, all in careful (perfect) rows, and the cording is braided. There is a reason why Lelia wins ribbons for her stitching, let me tell you! Thank you so much for this unexpected surprise! You are too kind!

Thanks to everyone for your comments. Several of you mentioned Terre de France; thanks for your kind words!

Maddie Can Fly asked about what size fabric to use for the new free design. Do you mean Annick's new design or the Quaker à 6 Mains? If you'd like to email me about it, I'll be happy to help. The address is in my profile. Thanks for visiting my blog!

That's it for now. I have presents to wrap.


Anita said...

Love all the ornaments you received. Merry christmas and happy new year. The blogger
system has been acting up lately. I have problems posting comments.

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad Blogger cooperated!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Nancy in IL said...

Oh my, Chelle.... LOVING all your gifties, and the pillowcases are to die for! I LOVE surface embroidered pillowcases, dresser scarves, anything. They are so nostagic. Oh, and don't get me started on Blogger.... I've given them HELL on my different groups and on my blog as well. I could just wring necks at Google! I found a forum where there are tons of people airing their probs, so we're not alone.

Lelia said...

beautiful embroidery! Wow. Such treasures!

you are very welcome ... glad you enjoyed the ornament. After all the nice patterns you sent me, it was the least I could do.

I joined the ornament SAL & hope to have TWELVE ready to give away next year. LOL

I'm going to the HOS sale tomorrow & will be ready for stitching next week.

Happy New Year!!!