Thursday, October 19, 2006

Picture Day!

The following is an edited/revamped version of the entry I wrote on the 11th and never published due to lack of pictures. The sun never did come out today (or yesterday or the day before that) but I did my best. The pics aren't too awful. The text in italics is for clarity, as it is no longer the 11th.

"On Monday (that would be October 9th) I started the Homespun Elegance August Blanket for Move It Out Monday. In the wee hours this morning (that would be October 11th) I finished it. I'm amazed at how quickly these little blankets stitch up! (While snapping the following photo I discovered that I didn't give the bird an eye. Clearly an error. And I didn't sew on the charm. So technically this isn't finished. Ack!)

I still need to do the finishing. Actually I still need to do the finishing for the July blanket, too. Would you believe I'm still trying to find the top of the table in my office so I can set up the sewing machine? That's the story I'm going to stick to. (I still haven't seen the top of the table...)

I finished Meri's Queen Bee design on Sunday. (That would be October 8th.) I love the way it turned out! (Good grief, that yellow blotch behind the fabric is a post-it note. Oops!)

I started a little gift for a friend but I don't think I'll post too much about it. I don't know if she reads my blog. No sense taking any chances and ruining a surprise! (After starting said little gift I've changed my mind and decided to go with something else. Not sure yet what I'll do with this project.)

It looks like I will be picking up Terre de France tomorrow. Jeanne is finishing up the framing. I can't wait to see what it looks like! (I did get TdF from Jeanne and it looks great! I had it less than 24 hours, dropping it off at Mom & Me last Friday. I'll get to see it again on Saturday, hanging in the show.)"

That catches things up to this past weekend when I attended the retreat in Mattoon. Ah yes, the retreat! I'll post my project pictures tomorrow before I leave for the show. Promise!


Annemarie said...

Lovely pics, despite the rain! And lovely stitching, too. Have you found it yet? Room to plant your sewing maching, that is?

Sue said...

Love the stitching. Everything looks great.

Gail said...

Your pieces look fantastic. I love the blanket for the sheep/

Cindy said...

Awesome stitching, as always! Love them!

Michelle said...

Yay! Glad you are working on your sheep blankets - this one looks fantastic. Can't wait to see a pic of Terre de France framed too!

Lelia said...

Another charming HE blanket!! Your lamb has more accessories than I own LOL.

The Bee / Scissors design is awesome. Came out very nice

Looking forward to seeing Terre de France picture. Bet it stole the show.

catandturtle said...

I love your sheep! I did the punch needle one with september. I have the October pattern but never got to punching it. I love it! Ann.