Thursday, October 05, 2006

Exchange Idea

I've signed up for a neat ornament exchange with one of my local stitching groups. The idea isn't new, but this is my first time to participate so I thought I would share.

In this exchange you swap kitted up ornaments instead of stitched ornaments. Here is how it works:
  • Form a group of 6 stitchers or less. Any more than 6 and it can become a really expensive exchange! It works best with a local group, but could be done long distance if everyone is willing to pay the postage.
  • Everyone in the group purchases the latest issue of the JCS Ornament Magazine (or any issue, as long as everyone has the same one) and then chooses an ornament. Everyone should choose a different ornament.
  • Everyone buys the supplies for stitching (and finishing) their chosen ornament 6 times (Or for however many members there are in the group.)
  • Stitch and finish your chosen ornament.
  • Put together a kit for each member of your group using the extra supplies you purchased. The great thing about this is you rarely need full skeins of floss for an ornament. When you stitch your ornament, keep an eye on how much floss you use, then put that amount plus some extra in each kit. No need to send full skeins of floss! The same goes for beads. Just be sure to label everything in your kits!
  • If you make changes to your ornament or have tips to share regarding the finishing process, you can include that information in the kit.
  • Get together with your group to exchange kits and admire your finished ornaments. If there are 6 in your group, you will come home with 5 ornament kits and your own finished ornament. Make sense?

The St. Louis Stitchers have had several groups participate in this sort of exchange and it always looks like so much fun. The group I am in will not exchange until March, so there is plenty of time for everyone to choose a project, get it stitched and make kits. March will be a great time to get started on ornaments for Christmas 2007, and I'll have a stack of kits to choose from. Kewl idea!

I worked on Meri's Queen Bee Scissors design last night.

I didn't get started stitching until late, so there isn't as much progress as I would like. Perhaps tonight I can get more done. I'm eager to fill in the gold stitches!

I'm also itching for another start. I need to stitch a little gift for a local friend so I have a great excuse. If I can get the fabric and floss together today, I might just start it tonight! Hmmmm...


KarenV said...

There's actually an Ezboard devoted to this kind of ornament exchange called Ornament Round Robin. I joined in with a couple (a while back now) and they're a really good way to get to stitch some of the ornaments in the mags which use a lot of speciality threads. The ones I participated in just sent one packet of supplies, which everyone dipped into, rather than kitting each ornament individually, but it's basically the same exchange. They were a lot of fun!

Thanks for the information about Blogger and photos - I'll give it a go next time and see if it helps!

Michelle said...

Your WIPs are looking great! And that is awesome you are keeping up with your MIOM starts and having almost as many finishes!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely exchange idea. You are going to have so much fun with this one.
Thanks for the link to Meri's site. She has so many amazing scissor creations. Looking forward to seeing your finish.

Von said...

Chelle, the ornament exchange sounds like lots of fun! I'm sure we'll hear more about it as the time draws near. :)

Thanks for the link to Meri's site for those great scissor designs. Perhaps I should just stitch some instead of buying more scissors for my collection. :D

Cindy said...

Loved the ornament exchange sounds fun!