Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SBQ, November Archives

No new SBQ for today, but I have many old questions to catch up on so I'll post a few.

The November 16th "Stitching Blogger Question" was suggested by Kimberly and Lili, and is:

"How do you feel about staying totally true to a pattern? Do you feel that you have to rip out stitches to fix a mistake or do you feel it's acceptable to incorporate a mistake into the design?"

It depends on the mistake. If it really bothers me and I find my eye constantly going to the area with the mistake, I'll fix it. If it doesn't have a big impact on the design and doesn't look too out of place, I'll leave it alone. Terre de France had some of both.

The November 23rd "Stitching Blogger Question" was suggested by Kimberly and is:

"Do you always sign your projects? If not, why not? If so, do you use your first name, initials or what?"

As a rule, I do not sign my projects. I've been known to put my name on exchange pieces and round robins. If a design has a space for initials sometimes I'll stitch my initials there. Otherwise I don't waste my time. I stitch for my own enjoyment, not to pass something on to future generations. With so much attention now on archival quality this and acid-free that, I think plenty of stitching will survive in the future. I really don't care if my stitching survives or not. I don't have time for names or initials, I'm too busy starting my next project!

That's it for the SBQ this week.

I made a tiny bit of progress on the July blanket last night. I didn't start stitching until late, but some progress is better than no progress! I'm having fun with the variegation on this project. I'm mixing the way I stitch, Danish in some areas and English in others. I prefer the look of the Danish but sometimes when I'm stitching something like the flower stems in this piece, English is the only easy way to go.

Sylvie asked about the sheep. Isn't he cute? He is part of the package! Check out the write-up at The Silver Needle, here. (You'll need to scroll down a teensy bit.) They describe everything very well. It is really a fun project to stitch and the finishing should be super easy.


BeckySC said...

Chelle, I have something for you on my blog...I *think* I remember reading that you were fond of acorns-I made a scissor pocket for you using a CEC design :)It's a cutie!
I hope you will like it :) Can you e-mail me your mailing addy-I am sure I have it here somewhere, but just in case :)

Thanks :)

BeckySC said...

oh my! ROLF...I just received your post on my blog :) LOL! I guess I was right-it is you that has a love of acorns :)
I'll send it out to you next week :)

KarenV said...

Your July blanket is looking great so far Chelle! I stitch the opposite way - I normally stitch using the English method, but sometimes use Danish to get around awkward areas :)

zoeandcooper said...

What a cute little pice:)

Michelle said...

Congrats on your fabulous Terre de France finish! It is gorgeous! Your July blanket is looking great too...can't wait to see it on your sheep! If you have questions about any of these, I've done three now, so I might be able to answer your questions!