Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lazy Saturday

I'm having a lazy Saturday. I should be cutting the grass, but instead I'm soaking some of the vintage embroidered linens I bought this week and goofing around with Blogger. I've had a "for my eyes only" blog for a while, and today I decided to refurbish it as a home for vintage linens, sewing projects and perhaps crazy quilting. I'll let you know if (or when!) the new blog goes public.

While I was making changes I also swapped the froggie GIF in my profile for a little sketch a friend made of me several years ago. So if you see that little face popping into your comments section, it is me!

I made some progress on the SusieQ alphabet project last night. I've decided to turn it into an anniversary sampler. Mark and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary in December. It won't be any trouble to add Mark's initials and squeeze in both years. I think I'm going to finish it as a toss pillow, as we need a few more on the bed and this piece is just the right shape and size.

No pictures today, I'm too lazy!


Patti said...

Chelle, your portrait is adorable - I noticed it on Joannie's blog. I do hope you share your other blog at some point as it sounds wonderful. Glad you enjoyed your Saturday - mine was lazy too!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Yea for lazy Saturdays! I like your new profile pic.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your profile pic is adorable although I loved froggie too. Sounds like you had a great Saturday.

Lelia said...

The sketch is so cute! [tho, I liked the frog a lot]

I spent too much time on-line yesterday -- now, my housework is screaming.

Nice to think ahead re. your anniversary! 15 years is wonderful

monique said...

Cute sketch... and it looks way more like you than the frog did :) BTW, That notebook design is neat. Where do you go that I don't?! You always have such cool/unusual stuff.

Cathy said...

Looking forward to seeing your other blog!